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Hi there,

After getting to week 8 a few weeks ago and then being struck down with a rotten cold that lasted for three weeks, I decided after a tough attempt at week five to go back to the beginning and start again. And then I noticed that our local running club was starting a 10 week couch to 5K group so I thought that might be motivational and fun and a little bit inspirational too.

I was disappointed, as they did a very 'tough' warm up and then we set off running and walking but they didn't seem to keep track of how many runs we'd done and as I was at the back I couldn't hear anyway. We ran on roads whereas I normally run on grass or sandy tracks and it was dark and raining so I didn't enjoy it at all.

At the end we went straight into stretches - no relaxing cool down walk for five minutes and oh dear, it just wasn't for me. I much prefer plugging myself into the app, setting off when the weather is nice and feeling totally unpressured listening to Laura telling me exactly how much I've done and what is left to do. Anyone else tried to do couch to 5K with a running club? It was only £10 so I've not wasted much, but I really feel like I don't want to go again even though I did run faster, but I didn't feel comfortable with the pace. Shall I just admit defeat and go back to running solo?


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  • I personally would much rather go it alone, stick to my own pace and enjoy the 'me' time with the lovely Laura in my ear. I don't like the thought of someone else setting the pace for me...

  • I think that's the conclusion I've come to as well. It seems so nice and relaxed, just me and Laura (and usually my dogs!) :-)

  • Oh no. That sounds horrid. Do your own thing. Youve got to enjoy it otherwise you will give up and stop altogether. I love running alone. Can run at the pace I want to, where I want to for however long I want to! Perfect!!!

  • Thanks, just needed a bit of encouragement, it did leave me feeling a bit disheartened. Much prefer doing my own thing!

  • So do I!!!

  • That's a shame it didn't work for you. Each group is different and it really depends on the jog leaders but it might be worth having a word with them as other people might be feeling a bit disheartened as well. Our local Trail Runners Group have run 2 C25K groups over the winter with great results. The first group graduated in December and started in January working towards 10k. This was completed on Sunday with a run up our local hill (1502 feet). The most recent C25K group have completed their 5k and start working towards 10k in a few weeks. Another groups starts their 5k journey next week. The aim behind all this is to get folk to the stage that they are comfortable to join the main Trail Running Group.

  • Sounds awful and run by some keep fit maniac (sorry!) That's just the kind of medicine to put people off running forever. Thousands of people have succeeded with Laura so we know this works. I'd def go back to Laura which you enjoy. Have you tried a Parkrun yet? Look up your local one - I've never heard anyone speak badly of them. There were quite a few people walking on the one I went on. I did it as my graduation run so hadn't run 5k before - I didn't intend running 5k, just the 30 mins, but in the end I did 5k as well. Nearly killed me mind! I wasn't last but I didn't stop 'running' all the way - did it in 41 mins. Lots of people who had walked and then run finished before me. You basically do what you want to do and everyone is so lovely and friendly and helpful.

  • That sounds really interesting, I'll look out for one of those. Thanks so much x

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