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Week 4 R2, sore foot!

Well I was in two minds this morning wither to go out or not, the wind was doing some mad whistles round my house. The thought of running against it didn't fuel me with great feelings of having an easy run, but then again nothing comes easy and if I didn't get out there it would be the start of the chain of excuses, so I managed week 4 r2 i did have to dig a bit deeper too complete it working against the wind ... Now I have a sore foot, it seems to be when I felx my foot up, so I'm thinking it may just be the tendon cause I've had to work harder today ... I'm hoping the little niggle goes before Friday for R3!

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Where on your foot does it hurt?


On the top, below the bend before it becomes leg, where the tongue of my trainer is, it doesn't hurt all the time just sometimes when I flex my foot up, I thought maybe because I'm a beginner its my foot getting used to running .. It's not a sharp pain feels like when your muscles are a bit sore and they need a good stretch kind of soreness ... Should I be concerned?


It doesn't sound like a major issue.

An ice pack (frozen peas) a couple of times for 15 mins. and/or a little ibuprofen gel should do the trick.

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Thanks Dunder2004, I'm gonna apply some gel see if that will take the little ache away.


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