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Slow motion

Week 5 run 3 completed successfully tonight. It was tough but I managed to keep going. Another runner went past me at the pace that I had imagined I was was doing but obviously wasn't - I went super slow so that I could last the 20 minutes but I still can't believe how far I have come in 5 weeks! The downside was that after the final brisk 5 minute walk I felt nauseous for about 2 hours. I read that it might have been dehydration. How much water should I be drinking? I drank 1/2 litre immediately before and around another 1 & 1/2 litres throughout the day. I hadn't eaten for 2 hours before I ran.


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Well done Trish and congrats on getting that one out of the way. Not sure on the dehydration! I usually manage on about a quarter of a litre just before and after a run, (apart from drinks during the day).


Well done Trish. You're doing great and you are right to be keeping it slow, that's just fine and will ensure you get round and finish the session.

If you are well hydrated in general that helps. I didn't take a drink with me but I do drink a lot normally. If you drink plenty before setting off and have a drink afterwards you'll know your well hydrated.

Your body takes time to adjust to this running lark and things will begin to normalise. Running does jiggle your middle about and can cause indigestion. I like to have porridge oats for breakfast on run days. An hour to 90 minutes before. I make sure I cook it thoroughly for five minutes as it can be indigestible otherwise.

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Well, well done! I also finished week 5, run 3 this morning, and it was hard!! I ran very slowly as well, just concentrated on continuing to jog, not speed. Good job really as a little old lady whizzed past me to catch a bus. I got a bad stitch after about 14 minutes which I hadn't had before, but kept going and breathing deeply and it passed after a few more minutes. Still feeling achy legs, but really pleased I did it.


Firstly, well done for reaching week 5 - I'm on week 3. I had a similar experience, getting blown off by an obviously very experienced runner, she just sprinted past me! I was in awe! As a cyclist that's happened to me loads, but it was my 1st time as a runner, made me smile, and feel slightly inadequate, all at the same time!! x


Thanks all. old git and misswobble, I am beginning to rely on you for your words of wisdom and encouragement! Slush, perhaps we should continue to compare notes as we are at the same week -and well done to you too! beetie I know how you feel where running is concerned but I am envious of you as I can't ride a bike - never had one as a child and as an adult I am too afraid now to learn....


I am a disaster on a bike do stick to running and walking ☺


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