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Back to it, but in pain :(

I hadn’t run in two months due to slight ankle injury and an array excuses involving the cold weather. But now I signed up with a pal for Pretty Muddy 5K and weather a bit better, I am back on it! Three runs in, and its like I never stopped and even invested in base layers to fight this cold weather!

However I have had this slight on/off pain in my hip/groin area. Just a slight throb along my groin and occasionally on my hip. Over the weekend it has become worse with more of a throbbing. My other half thinks it’s to do with my posture/lack of core strength as I have none. I worry that it is worse due to getting back into running and I’ve done damage on an existing hip injury.

Thoughts? I am very saddened by this pain as I have loved my first few runs back and even made myself a new training schedule to get my posture and core strength better(pilates)!

Any advice?

(I do plan to see the doctor this week btw)

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EDIT: I worry about any small ache or pain - Total hypochondriac! but haven't noticed pain whilst running.


I got unexpected hip pain recently too, having never suffered with it before. I put it down to the cold weather, because I didn't feel like my joints were properly warmed up, even by the end of the run. And, like you, I felt that it got worse over the next few days. Rest, ibuprofen and better, warmer running tights are my remedies. Haven't tried running again yet because of a cold, but hoping things will be ok when I do. Good luck, really hope your hips start to feel better soon.


I hope your hip feels better too. My running tights might may need upgrading for something a bit warmer! Thanks :)


It could be weak glutes Jennifer. I had something similar and my physio told me I wasn't using my glutes to run as they were weak. He gave me exercises to strengthen them and I don't have any problems now. I also stretch and use a foam roller on them and that helps enormously. But you're doing the right thing by getting it checked as we are all different. All the best and well done for signing up to a Muddy 5K!


Oh glutes eh? I must have a look into that and get my foam roller out a bit more often! Thanks :)


I occasionally have a pain on the inside of my left thigh, from the groin almost all the way down to the knee. Don't know if the groin ache you're feeling is anything like that? I find that stretching (standing with feet shoulder width apart and then taking a long sideways before leaning to the right) after each run helps.

It's hard to know whether you should be worried - all depends on whether it's a niggling ache or whether it's a BURNING AUUU SH*T SH*T SH*T PAINFUL AUUU STOP! kinda feeling. If it's the latter, do stop :) That aside, seeing a doctor is always a good thing when in doubt.


It was more of a BURNING AGHHHHH S**T B*****R MOTHER OF GOD kinda feeling on Monday. Before that and since it has been more of an ache but going to get it checked out shortly. I have stopped and only doing a few stretches/strength exercises for now.

Every time I see the doctor they always say 'don't run' because its a high impact sport which disheartens me as enjoy it so much, really helps my stress and feel more energized. I really don't want them to say it again! :(


HI Jennifer, have you seen my thread on this ? I have exactly the same !

There is lots of advice on there , have a look xxx


No I haven't, but I shall hunt it down now. Thanks :) xx


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