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Made it back before the sun

I managed to just make it back before the sun burnt off all the clouds :(

Its a good job as i remembered that my running shorts were in the wash and my capris that i found were dirty so i had to go out in long pants. It was ok - not ideal but i am glad i am back for a shower and a coconut water.

I can't wait to get back to uk and run when there is cloud and cool temperatures - sorry i know you guys are looking forward to warmer temperatures, don't worry anything below 25degrees will be ok.

Managed 11km in 1:08 with a couple of stops at traffic lights- I found the first 5km hard as usual and then decided to do 7km and then i thought i might as well do 8km, then i thought i might as well run down this road that is slightly down hill and make it an even 10km, then it was i well might as well run the last 1km or so that i can do my cool down walk in the usual place.

Happy with that - maybe a little swim at the gym later and a rest day tomorrow.

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Back in my track suit, hat and gloves and running in the cool, really enjoyed it. At least I can take off the hat and gloves when I warm up. Don't know how you can do 10K in the heat!


Luckily today was a lot cooler!! We had thunder storms yesterday and cloud today so the temperature has dropped by 10degrees.


11K in 1:08 is great Vixchile. And so much harder in the heat. I have a race in May and I'm praying that the weather is cool!


Luckily it was lovely and cool - so i decided to take advantage and start increasing my distance. Even though the first 5km was a killer - note gym at night and run in the morning don't mix

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