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Chip vs. Garmin

So it was hot, too, actually far too hot. Who knew the human body could sweat so much - i felt comforted by looking around me and everyone was sweating and struggling to various different degrees. It was very hot - its suppose to be autumn but summer is still holding a very tight grip on Santiago and it feels like it will never be below 30degrees.

Anyway - stats seem to differ so i feel a bit confused and disappointed especially after a tough run so here are the stats.


Distance: 9.77

Time: 58.20


Distance: 10km

Official Time: 1:02:14

Chip Time: 59:49

Nothing exciting happened - sorry it was just road and 4999 other runners trying to find a bit of shade to run in. Also you think i would have learnt always bring tissues and always go to the toilet before starting a long run. i managed to run the whole course needing the toilet :(

No medal but a nice t-shirt so i am happy with that. Also an electronic certificate in a nice purple pink colour.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend running - weather looked fab in the UK, the perfect running conditions.

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Vix you sound remarkably down for someone who's just done 10k in a hell of a quick time. Congratulations Sweetie, you just did something extraordinary in 30 degree heat. Be proud and be delighted :)


I know i just felt a bit disappointed - with the distance and time but i will take it. I will be doing it again as its down the road, the course has some challenges and it nice to run outdoors and the next one in May will be cooler. (Decided not to do that race we don't talk about in May - going to wait until i am back in the UK as i really want to do it at silverstone)

Hope you had a good weekend.


I've had a similar experience with Garmin vs Chip. There are arguments for and against both....

Garmin: because the satellite technology isn't 100% accurate, it's probable that no run you have ever timed this way has ever been the distance you thought it was. Your time may not be accurate.

Chip: your time starts and finishes when you cross the line so the timing is accurate and although the organisers would have measured the course using an official method, it doesn't follow that you ran they same course they measured. Did you cut any corners? Move over for faster people? Your distance may not be accurate.

So basically, nothing is certain and if I were to rely on one rather than the other, it would probably be the chip, but at the end of the day, does it matter too much? Anyway you look at it, you did a great time there, well done you!


Thank you for your reply!!! That all makes sense. I try not to cut any corners and stick to route especially after my first 10km race was also "short". I think i just wanted to see 10km on my garmin- it doesn't matter really. it was hot, i got out there and a year ago i wouldn't have been able to run 1km let alone 10km in heat, with 5km up a slight gradient so i should be happy.

I have a time and i have a few chances in the year to improve on it.


Blimey Vixchile - If only you could see your achievement through others' eyes! I only hope I'll be capable of the same thing one day! Congratulations! :-)


Thank you, i know i should be happy and I was just disappointed when 10km didn't show up on the garmin. I am amazed how much I can do and it's all thanks to c25k and the wonderful people here. So it shows how great this programme is and what can be achieved.


Still a damned good time vixchile so you should feel good. It's always the same with chips and garmins it seems, but in the end, the main thing is you ran 10K which is a challenging distance. AND IN THAT HEAT TOO!! Amazeballs.


Thank you. I have a time to work on for the other races in the year, by the final race in August comes it will be considerably cooler so it should be easier.


Wow that's an impressive time, and in the heat! Well done!


Thank you, Cuba sounded great by the way.


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