Today is the run

Just got back from7.5 k run. That's good for me, I did the stamina run with Laura. My tips for today -

1. You must run today - it's spring, blues skies, sun , birds and flowers

2. Do not put too many layers on - it's warm

3. Everyone was cheerful today- every single person waved back, a couple of toots frm cars ( mmm that's maybe because I was slow crossing the road). Or perhaps the vision in pink was running the same pace as a flying pig

4 . Take something to wipe your brow. It stings as that sweat runs in your eyes

5. Just feel that fat melting away - rate the wobble factor. Its definitely going

6. It Sunday and you really don't need a sleep in

7 come back feeling good

Enjoy peeps

3 Replies

  • It certainly was warm out there this morning. I returned sporting a delightful shade of beetroot, which I haven't seen since last autumn! For my winter runs it's been so cold I've maintained my usual pale sallow - so attractive!

  • Wow well done. I can only dream about getting that far at the moment.

    I also wish I was wherever you are just now as its overcast, cold & blowing a hooly here in my part of bonny scotland but just the type of weather I'm used to running i . Lol

    Great post. Enjoy your walk & thanks for the inspiration ☺

  • Well said Julie! Sring has been springing today but it was cold hereabouts so a good day to be running round the place

    Rating the wobble factor I can identify with! LOL

    Keep up the good work

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