I graduated :-)

I graduated. Thanks to everyone at home and on here.

Things I have noticed or had confirmed over the last 9 short weeks.

Snowdrops don’t last long but daffodils do

The next village to me isn’t very big – I run straight through it and had to change my route!

Lots of people run on a Wednesday evening

The guy across the road from me takes his dogs for a walk at 6pm every evening

You can’t run to Snow Patrol or Phil Collins but you can run to Legally Blond the Musical and Nickleback (Don’t judge me :-) )

Good running shoes are a must, running tights and a high vis jacket make you “feel” like a runner

North Wales is always windy and it is always in your face

North Wales is also very hilly even at the water’s edge

The chippy in the next village smells differently on different nights

You run better with friends and family, even if those friends and family are virtual and have strange names :-) (I think of you all as a large Running family  :-) )

It is OK to run slow and then slow down again

You can still crack a smile when your Ipod decides to play the Rocky Theme as you are running

Making lists and planning your graduation post takes your mind off the distance/time you are running

It isn’t great running in the rain but it is fantastic knowing your husband has run a bath for you for when you get home -)

Thank you everyoneeveryone. I am off for my bath :-)


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35 Replies

  • Congratulations! Good observations. Enjoy that bath!

  • Thank you. It was the best bath I have ever had :-)

  • Well done. Congratulations :)

  • Some great observations there Princess! Well done on your graduation and I hope you continue to enjoy your running x :-)

  • Congratulations! I can't comment on all your points but totally agree with 'good running shoes are a must' I'd also add a good bra is too unless you want to look like Charlie Dimmock in your later years ;) 'it's ok to run slow and then slow down again' and the Rocky theme tune definitely cracks a smile, it got me out running on Wednesday when I was tired after work by playing in the car on the way home.......it was a sign! Planning posts to your virtual running family is always a great distraction technique too. Happy running!

  • Well done! And I just love your list!!

  • Congratulations! I loved your post, very good observations :-)

  • Brilliant post - one of the best I think. Congratulations GRADUATE. Well done.

  • Hahhaa...lovely post. Congratulations on graduating!

  • Congratulations! Fabulous achievement and lovely graduation post :-) well done, Princess :-)

  • Congratulations and fab post thank you! Happy bathing :)

  • Sorry to spoil the lovefest but.................

    ................ Nickelback?

    After that I can't take anything you say seriously.

  • There is nothing wrong with a bit of nickleback :-)

  • Well done PrincessStef, now the real fun begins

  • Yeah! Well done! Enjoy the feeling. But hey, how come I haven't yet managed to train my husband to run me a bath?! Work to do yet obviously.

  • Many congratulations fellow Princess. Fab post and well observed points there. It's amazing what you can notice on a run. Hope you enjoyed that bath.

  • Way To Go PrincessStef!!!! Hope you enjoyed your bath :)

  • 😊😊😊😊congrats.....look forward to reading about your next success 😊

  • Congratulations - you must fell great! But I do think you need to look more closely at your music choices ;)

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel really proud!

    Who says you can't run to Snow Patrol?

  • Well done Stef. Fantastic achievement and a brilliant graduation post.

    I do disagree with your observations about rain running though!! I love it :)

  • I love this post well done on the graduation run. I was smiling re the rocky theme tune, I always start grinning when the Batman tune plays on mine!!

    Keep it up & heres to lists and observations! ☺

  • Well blooming done! I ran this in North Wales once I'd got up to 10k after graduating and loved it (though I have never been so sweaty in my entire life), if you're after the next challenge :)

  • Oops, forgot the link. Here


  • I don't live far from Moel Famau where the fell hell is. I am not sure I will make it this year but may be next year :-)

  • I graduated in the June of last year, I think, and managed it in November. Finished just over halfway down the field, did some walking on the ascents but so did everybody, and loved it :)

  • Congratulations. Happy running.

  • Congratulations on graduating. I loved reading all your observations and realised I too have noticed things on my runs that had passed me by before. And I'm definitely going to give the Legally Blonde sound track a go! Good luck as you continue your running journey:)

  • Woohooo! Well done PrincessStef - I hope you feel on top of the world! Now go get that graduation badge :)

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed my bath. Probably the best bath ever :-) .

  • Congratulations. Yes it's amazing how much more you notice as a runner :)

  • Congrats and welcome to the happy club! A hot bath waiting for you? Damn, that's a boon! Keep on running.

  • Fab post ! Many Congratulations to you and I hope you enjoy wherever your running takes you ! xxx

  • what a beautiful post!!

  • Many, many congratulations PrincessStef, isn't it a great feeling? Very well done, Steve x

    P.S. Nickelback are ace!

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