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Week 4 run 1

The run I was dreading. Out at 630am in the fog so not the best start . Thank you for all the advice. Keeping my pace steady and slow worked. I did it and I feel ok. I didn't struggle. I feel on top of the world. So satisfying to be able to run for 16 minutes in total. Wow -what a difference 3 weeks makes. for the first time I know I will run for 30 minutes -can't wait.

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Well done Lizieo! Clearly you are enjoying the running and getting a real buzz :)

The nice thing is that because you pace yourself and take it one step at a time, that buzz just continues all the way through the course and beyond! You end up doing things that you never thought possible. Good luck and keep the posts coming.


Slow is the way to go ! Glad you have seen the light as it will make the rest of the sessions more enjoyable for you. You're doing great so far...


well done. It is great when you have the "I CAN do this" moment. I am no Week 9 run 2 tonight and I know I CAN do it. 8 Weeks ago I was struggling with 90 seconds. The programme really works and you will keep seeing and feeling the results with each milestone. Keep at it.


Well done you. Isn't it amazing - to think none of us could run for a minute a few weeks ago. Like magic. Glad you have a deadline birthday to aim for. Good luck with the rest of the programme - keep posting.


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