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a simple training plan

Found this on the net --

It looks very similar to Jack Daniels training philosophy but is possibly a bit more "varied" - JD's training runs are done in 4 week "batches" and while I can understand why he does this ( for purposes of adaptation), it can sometimes get a bit "boring" . However, for this simple plan, I would use JD's recommended paces for the tempo and speed work and the easy runs. . Although this is only a 6 week plan , it could be stretched out to 18 weeks as he gives three alternative ways of doing the 6 lots of tempo work - as published, shorter tempo intervals and time based tempo intervals.

I am intending to give up speed and tempo runs for a few months (after my upcoming 10K "race" ) - going to concentrate on building up weekly mileage totals at my easy pace ( JD = 8min per K ) until I get to around 40K per week. I will do this using the "Old man running " Intermediate plan here

Then I may return to this simple plan.

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Thanks for these, Bazza. I have been looking for something a little more structured for myself and this looks like it could be just the job.


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