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Runner number 11650

The 10K race that I am in next Sunday says on its website something about 6000 runners - but I am number 11650 -- how does that work???

I think I'm ready - planning to run a 7:00 per K pace which should get me in at 1hour 10 minutes. I ran 9K last night at a 6:50 min pace according to Runkeeper so that leaves me a bit of space in case Runkeeper GPS is a little inaccurate. I will do a 5K easy run tomorrow and then another 5K at race pace 3 days before - then rest. I might have some wine later on Sunday night :)

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Good luck with the training and the race itself Baz

Enjoy the wine!


Yep, good luck Bazza, go get 'em!


Maybe they start counting from 10,000 :) Good luck Bazza, you'll have earned that glass of wine :))


You will deserve the wine Bazza! Enjoy your race, how ever many are actually running. Sounds like you have your training sorted x :-)


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