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So excited that I've made it this far. Running for 2.5 minutes is a milestone and I'm thrilled. It wasn't as hard as I thought. Stretching has really helped. Loosening laces have helped with feet numbness. I'm working on my MASTERPIECE. I never thought I would say this but I look forward to my jogs. Only me, pavement, and headphones without my kids. My 30 minutes of peace is MY TIME to release and unwind.

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Congratulations - it's a good feeling isn't it?! I go on a real high after I've been for a jog. It's great - all those endorphins racing around!!

I am on week 3. Going on run 3 this morning. I found it nothing short of a miracle that I could jog for 3 mins (I thought it was 3 mins that the runs are for? Is it 2.5mins??).

Good luck for the rest of the week. You're doing great!!!



Well done, D! Sounds as though you were a runner at heart, before you started running! Go for it!


One of the silly frustrations that I had, was lacing and unlocking my trainers. I know... Stupid, but...!

Then I got some elastic laces from a triathlon store online. They cost 3.99 and transformed my expensive trainers into a joy to slip on and go. I fitted more on my walking boots too which radically increased my use of them as well.

Good luck. Persist!


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