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Wk 4 completed but hard going

I struggled with run 3, wk 4 today. I went much earlier than usual and so hadn't eaten at all before hand or drunk much. It made me realise I'm not an early morning runner. 9am is fine, 7am is hard!

But I did it. The rain was lashing down, even the ducks stayed off the canal and under the trees.

Week 5 next week. My usual running days are Mon, Wed and Friday but I can't do Wed next week and I really, really want to get day 3 done before the weekend so I'm switching days to Sun, Tues and Thursday.

I can't wait.

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Well done Deb, you will find a way that suits you best , its all a learning curve I think for us all....

You did it, that's the main thing. Another one chalked off .

Fab stuff Deb, keep going ,youre doing great ! :-D xxx


Somehow I've managed to avoid running in the rain yet. I imagine that does make it a whole lot harder, but you're building up great stamina and resilience as a result. Keep going! :)


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