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First Week

Ok so I was up before the birds this morning and dressed in way too much neon pink, if I had a pair of white gloves I could of quite been mistaken for a lost raver from the 1980,s, so with the sleep still fresh in my eyes and some rather fetching sleep lines still embed on my face I venutured fourth, I had Laura in my ears and some rather catchy Tunz and I done my first run and shock horror ... Enjoyed it. Week1R1 in the bag looking forward to tomorrow now, I'm so glad that I got directed to the site for quit smoking support or I wouldn't of been doing the training for a 5k , 10k, half a marathon, marathon lol with what I've been reading on the forum it seems to escalate quickly, which is by no means a bad thing so I'm looking forward to getting to the longer runs and of course graduation at week9 and being smoke free to be able to complete a 5k!

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Ha ha. You wanted the stop smoking website and ended up signed up for couch 2 5k! That little lot should keep your mind off the cigs

Good luck with it. It's a fab programme


Ha ha , it was fate that led you here :-D

Welcome aboard, this programme is brilliant and it really works !

Keep posting here of your progress , would love to know how youre going on.

Good Luck and all the very best to you xxx


Well done on both the run and kicking the bad habit. I quit smoking about a month ago :) I'm on week1 run3 tomorrow. This group is amazing for support. You feel so empowered after a run, on Sunday I went to my local supermarket and felt like I was walking like a bodybuilder after run 2 lol

Yay to healthy changes in lifestyle


Yes, absolutely!


You really do feel empowered, ive smoke free for 5 months but i like to know I've got the support of the forum should I have thoughts of smoking sometimes the nic demon gives me a pat on the shoulder from time to time (even after 5 months) so the having all the C25k training to look and work towards is a motivator to keep smoke free too win win 😊


Fab stuff- well done on keeping off the fags !

Loads of us ex-smokers on here, so you are definitely in the right place !

Good Luck ! :-D xxx



I never thought the words "I can't wait for my next run" woukd ever, ever come out of my mouth. But they do, on a daily basis.

Wk 4, run 2 on Wednesday for me and you know what - I can't wait!

It's terribly addictive this running lark.


That sounds brilliant I have yet to give it a try but these forums sound great with encouragement which is exactly what I need - I haven't run for a year due to painful feet but it's a lot better having had this long rest however I do miss running and really look forward to doing it slowly via C25k.


Sorry, there's no such thing as too much pink...not if you're a runner..


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