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W1R1 completed

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Hello all, A bit of background info. I have just turned 50, realised that my trousers are tighter than they should be. I bought a pedometer and I have been measuring my steps over the last two weeks and noticed my daily steps was approx. 5000, so I have now increased that to 10000. Yesterday I found the c25k nhs app. I turned on my treadmill(3 years old and hardly ever used) and thought here goes! I set the walk to 4km and the run to 6km and completed 28.30 mins later. Feeling a bit warm and sweaty, so now wait for Saturday to try day 2.


10 Replies
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Great Job Stephen, and well done on finding C25K and this forum. I find it really useful to update on a weekly basis, so that I can track my progress and share it with others. Hope you find this as beneficial as I have; like many others I now have the running bug!

Good luck on your progress through the programme.

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Well done for getting started, don't forget to keep us posted xx

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Well done. You have done the hardest run of all. Like Old Git, I find regular posting helpful so I can share my achievements (no matter how small) and my low points. Someone here has always had a similar experience and everyone is so encouraging. :)

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That's not following c25k though is it? Or have I missed something?

6k is a bit extreme if you've not been exercising

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CoddfishGraduate in reply to misswobble

I think he means 6k per hour for the running bit!

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Well done Stephen. I started 2015 with determination to become fitter. I also bought a step tracker and exceed 10,000 most days. I have just graduated c25k and am also swimming twice a week. I have noticed clothes fit better, along with general improvements in mood, sleep, energy. You really will reap benefit.

As you are walking outside, perhaps try running outside? I found it so much better.

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the numbers quoted are speeds not distances, my treadmill is a Reekbok Z8 run and all the numbers are in kmh not mph.


Poor treadmill ! Show it a bit of love...Good luck with your C25K journey.

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The funny thing is how life catches you up! In my teens I could run a 4 minute mile and run 100 metres in 10.42 seconds, then you pass your driving test, get a job sitting behind a desk for the next 30 years. You then hit 50! You realise all those extra goodies (cakes, nibbles, etc) are staying with you. I have always said "eat less and exercise more" but never done that myself, until now.


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If you use this forum to post your run reports, then you will have a record of your progress and we will be able to cheer you on. As for speed, set your treadmill at the fastest pace you can maintain, but don't worry if you have to reduce it. This programme really works, but at fifty, you can't guarantee that you will hit the four minute mile again, although you will undoubtedly regain some of your youthful vigour. Good luck.

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