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W1R1 Completed. Just!!

As the title suggests, W1R1 was completed this evening. To say I enjoyed it would be an absolute lie.

It felt like torture. My feet ached, my calfs hurt and my lungs felt like I had swallowed Mustard Gas. In fact a whole hour after and my throat still feels sore!

But I did it.

I managed 3km in 28.30 minutes according to mapmywalk and the app.

I won't say I ran during all of those 60 second intervals..more of a jog that involved towards the end, skimming my feet above the tarmac. My brisk walks were more of a fast stroll and I was pretty sure I was about to die twice.

I am unsure whether to be pleased with myself or disappointed. My cardio is clearly dire!

I am debating whether to re-do W1R1 a further two times this week before moving on to W1R2 as I have managed to change my RFL to a different date, a whole 9 weeks away :)

You're thoughts would be appreciated.

I will also attach my before pics...they are shocking!

A slightly deflated, absolutely knackered Col xx

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Be pleased with yourself Col - you've started and completed w1r1! :D And for many people, that's the most difficult part.

The next two runs (w1r2 and w1r3) are repeats of the first run, so do them and see how you feel. It's fine to repeat weeks more if you feel that you need it - but you might be surprised about how the program manages to prepare you for the next week throughout.

Maybe take it a bit slower next time from the start? I'm terrible at bounding (kind of...) off and then feeling like collapsing a few mins later. Go really slowly at first and that might make it more doable. Good luck for your next run! :D


Thanks for your reply and encouragement Bilby,

I have to say the first 3 runs felt ok and I fear I peaked too early.

In truth I felt shattered before I even set out (no sleep due to Sunday night syndrome) and I usually exercise in a morning when I am fresh but circumstances prevented that.

Oh well, onward and upward!!

Many Thanks,

Col xx


Well done! The 1st session is the worst - I was taken aback that I had to run that amount of times! The 2nd outing was a wee bit better and the third had me hooked.

Every time was hard but every time it made me feel fantastic. Sore, tired and sweaty but so proud and disbelieving.

Keep going, you'll love it.


Thanks for your reply Sadiekit,

It is good to hear that I am not unique in feeling so shattered and that it was so hard!

I have to say I was smiling once I saw my cul de sac in view and I knew I was on my cool down...I just never imagined I was so unfit!

I will definitely keep going, I have to!

Kind Regards,

Col xx


Trust me, most of us felt the same after the first run.......but also trust me that when you reach Week 5, as I have, you will look back and wonder how it was so hard to run for 1 minute when you can now run for 20.

Stick with it - the plan works and you get fitter without really realising it at the time.

Trust Laura - she knows what she is talking about.

Well done!


Thanks so much Slideman for the encouragement, it really does help because I can imagine a lot will run the first run and not bother again.

It really was hard, however I kept saying to myself that this is the unhealthiest I will be now throughout the next 9 weeks of the course, so it can only get better...I hope lol!!


I completely get where you are coming from! Ive just done W1R3 this morning and it's tough. Keep going though. It will be too easy to think it's too hard so i'll give up. i've read lots of blogs on here where people have said week 1 is torture so you aren't the only one - we are all going through it. The main things I've picked up are take it slow, stretch afterwards rather than before, make sure you do your warm down walk afterwards, have a snack when you get back (bananas are great so Laura says but i can't stomach the texture of them so i make a smoothie with one which I can cope with!), have lots of rest and if you are achey and sore use cold compresses then warm ones or maybe a warm bath and take at least one rest day between. I am hoping it gets easier! Not decided whether I want to move onto Week 2 now or do one more run in Week 1. Its tough but you have to keep going. And btw your before pictures are nothing to worry about!!!!! Ive got an extra 4 to 5 stone I'm lugging about with me and if I can do it you can;) Just take lots of rest and you will be ok. x


Thanks so much for your encouragement Joanne,

I am also debating whether to run week 1 twice!

Take Care,

Col xx


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