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Use it or lose it!

Just shows how quickly we lose things. It is two weeks today since my triumphant graduation from C25K and I have only been on one run since ( a dodgy 25 mins when I struggled because I was mildly hung over). Today I drove to my favourite park and set off, but found myself tiring after 12 mins, so I made it to 15 mins, walked for 5 and then did another 15. Lesson learned, don't leave it so long between runs. ๐Ÿ˜ณ


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I know (having been there myself!) that you can quickly build back up again - you just need to remind your body that it knows how to do this running stuff!! I have had quite a few gaps since graduating, and never quite been able to get back up to the 30 mins, but am re-using the last few weeks of the program to get backup there.

Maybe do a planned interval run,like week 6 run 2 and then go fromthere?


Well done. At least you got out there and did it


I have a theory, which I haven't tested yet, that many of us, coming back from a break in running, get our pacing all wrong and with zealous enthusiasm set off way too fast. So, if my theory is correct, if you had deliberately set off at a very gentle pace, then you probably would have continued quite happily without a break.

This goes part way to explaining why so many of my PBs have come after a short break from running.

Try to keep up the routine, it is a good habit to cultivate.


I think you are right lannodatruffe. After a break I always do Stepping Stones as my first run back with Laura holding my hand. It starts so slowly...

I know you're not keen on this one (a bit slow for you) but for me it works everytime.๐Ÿ˜€x

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Where do I find Stepping Stones?


Hope this link works


Look for the 5k+ podcasts. Free to download on i-tunes.

Sorry im not very techy.

The link is properly posted in the pinned posts below. Look for the one called 'Nhs tips on how to run correctly and stretch' this will take you to the webpage for c25k Nhs healthunlocked. You msy need to look quite far down the pinned posts.


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