New Shoe Alert!

New Shoe Alert!

Cinders has new shoes!

Not exactly the colours I wanted but never mind

First try on is good news. Not tried them with socks yet. I shall do the uppermost laces when I can remember how to do it. Doh! They feel roomy in the toe box, which is a must for me. Also snug around the ankles but they'll be even better when I sort the top laces out

They seem to fit right under my toes too which is where I've been feeling bruising and pain. Hope they sort me out

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  • Ooo they look nice, but much less purple than I was expecting ;)

  • They sound very comfy - maybe you need to find a top to match the blue.

  • Very smart! Personal bests on the way.

  • Erm I have purple race shoes on order as well (blush)

    Blue Running top to match. Tick!

    PB's - I have aspirations in that dept.

  • Hahahahaha :D :D :D Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looking good miss w :)

    I shall endeavour to post a pic of my new dayglo orange Asics. When I take them out of the box properly that is.

    Only had them out for a minute to check the size was right.

  • Oh come on Peter, don't be shy!

  • Oh lovely! A good colour to hide the mud!

  • Very fitting tags! Shoes look good and ooh, an extra pair on order too :)

  • The Imelda Marcos of running I think!!! - may they bring you many happy hours of running.

  • Very nice miss wobble. Cinders will go to the park run lol 😄

  • Lovely! Hope they are comfy.

  • Very nice. I love the blue.

  • Oooh nice shoos MW. Hope these ones work for you and give you lots of PBs

  • What dinky little feet...I have to strap on the boxes and run in those...

  • wow

  • Very nice....but the next time we see them we expect lots of wear to show on them!!

    Good luck, and happy running.

  • Oh there will be! I have taken the complete oomph out of my current road shoes in six months

  • Oooh cute colour! Theyd go with my uncoordinated blue and black outfit! 😄

  • I just ran a leisurely 5 k in these. Fine so far. Comfy right out the box

    Running a fast 10 k run in my new racing shoes tomorrow. Woohoo!

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