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Hi all - Whilst running tonight this vision kept on popping up. Felt the need to share for like minded runners. It is a plethora of beauty and strength. It also translates to us relevantly in a running sense too. You can make your own mind up on it but for me - it pushes and pushes! The song is on my new playlist and evokes something special when running and hope others benefit too. Enjoy! :)

If it difficult to download then press pause for a few minutes


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22 Replies

  • Holey moley! That boy is heaven in an inky skin. Lewd thoughts with my cornflakes ;)

  • Mmm! Yummy stuff x :-)

  • Well, as a race warm up, I guess it will do, but he's going to struggle to find somewhere to pin on his number.....

  • He'll probably put it with his spare socks!

    I'll get my coat........

  • What a dancer, amazing, thanks for sharing

  • I didn't see how he managed those "demi-pointes" so I've looked at this several times this morning...........

  • WOW!

  • "Oh er Mrs", certainly a tonic for first thing in the morning! Under all my rolls of aging fat, I too can look like the female version - in my dreams...

  • Beautiful, just beautiful! (The dancing was pretty good too!!)

    Edit: I've just watched this again. It's probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Such a perfect blend of strength, power, raw emotion and physical beauty. Think I need a cup of tea now!

  • And there was me worried about running tights - now where did I put those socks! :)

  • interesting... but I have always found some of the ' deliberate hand placements' of classical ballet steps a little bit effeminate , personally, and at odds with the general ' maleness' thats they are trying to project.. probably prefer more modern dance to it, but thanks for sharing

  • Do you think is is trying to project maleness? My limited interpretation of the dance is that is that he becomes asexual and you focus more into the emotions and beauty. Although I did see something else spectacular of more a modern dance. A superb little girl in this video: God knows why they stick her in that leotard though- something slightly unnerving about it. Publicity stunt I suppose

    . Another fab running song!

  • Well i think having the original dancer stripped to waist , tattoos, tights .. mmm yes maleness being emphasised, liked the originality of the modern

    clip .. but found the androgeny a little disturbing.. ( hard these days for a grown up male to comfortably watch a young girl dance, sadly)

    DO think THIS works.. partly because the ' classical ' style more linked to the men being ' swans'

  • Fab! and strangely apt as I am surrounded by swans living on a Wharf

  • But if she warms up like that she'll be exhausted before she reaches the start line. Mind you, no problem pinning on a number, so better kit choice than the first guy.

  • She is expressing a good warm up routine! Not that I could replicate with these old bones! Taken from - Its a wonderful life: 'Darn! youth is wasted on the young!' :)

  • Glad to help! Enjoy the rest of your day! :)

  • Wow! Captivating. Thanks for sharing, Must go - need to watch it again!

  • Stunning, and very sexy

  • Thanky for sharing, beautiful movement, beautiful music. I enjoyed it for what it was without analyzing it

  • Too true and simply enjoy

  • I keep going back for another look, it really is something special. I love the music too, thanks for sharing cx

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