Do you take any supplements?

Hi everyone,

After mentioning starting on this c25k journey to, well, as many people as possible (I figure if I tell absolutely everyone I'm going to be called up on it at least once and have to tell them my progress - so no dropping out!), quite a few have advised me to take supplements - especially joint ones.

Do any of you take vitamins/supplements to aid your running? (Not talking in general, more running specifically) if so, what do you take? moreover, have you noticed a difference or is it too early/complex to know?

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts!



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16 Replies

  • Nope none for me - but will be interesting to see what others say

  • I've been taking fish oils for years on the advice of my chiropractor for my bad shoulders. I imagine they'd be helping the knees as well.

  • I take cod liver oil, vitamin D, omega 3 and recover and repair shake for muscle repair after each run. I've not really been injured as such, just achy pain from my body not bring used to the running ;-) so I would like to say it helps

  • If I remember I will take a couple of prophylactic Ibuprofen 20 minutes or so pre-run but that's it really. Otherwise I wear my aches and pains like metaphorical medals - hard won:-)

  • A few years ago when I had some joint pain,specifically my hands,on the advice of my then boss, a dentist, I started taking high -strength Glucosamine with Chondroitin ...I believe it helps with the formation of cartilage or something like that - but don't quote me on it !

    Anyway ,it worked for me that winter when the pain in my finger and thumb joints had been quite severe.

    I started taking it again last first since taking up running.The one I use currently has Vitamin C included.

  • I don't take anything; just eat well!! Good plan to tell everyone you are doing couch. I did the same when I started as insurance against ducking out. Happ running :)

  • I have been taking ZMA (zinc magnesium & vit B6). This is a male oriented supplement more for boosting your metabolism. It seems to be working my times for the park runs are getting quicker and my dieting getting better results.

  • Omega 3 fish oil capsule daily as I have arthritis in my big toe and very creaky shoulder. I get a lot of pain in the toe if I don't take the supplement. Mind you it acts as a reminder to take it. LOL

    Nothing else! I eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables but just a little meat or fish. I grow my own which makes life easier in the veg dept

  • No nothing- just because I can never remember to take them and on the odd occasion I resolve to, I can't remember to buy them!

  • After noticing my mother (70s) and i (nearly 50) are no longer the same height, and recalling my grandmothers many years of decline after her bones and joints began deteriorating, i decided to take the calcium for women advice more seriously. Have taken it inconsistently all my adulthood, but trying really hard now to take it most days. Anyway, my current calcium of choice is a 'mobility care' styled version with cod liver oil, fish oil and Vitamins A, D and C.

    I dont expect miracles, just a we bit of long term insurance, same as i expect from this running lark.

  • I take calcium for early osteopenia and have decided to take Glucosomine Chondroitin for aching joints (knees, shoulders).

  • I take a liquid iron supplement but other than that, nothing.

  • I take a Well Woman Sport & Fitness. I don't know if I have noticed much of a difference to be perfectly honest. Having said that, my knees don't ache so much after a long run, so maybe. I also try to have a balanced, healthy diet and eat a good deal of fish x

  • Magnesium supplements here, and a magnesium spray too. If I don't take the supplements, I get bad calf tightness during runs.

  • Is the magnesium spray external? Taking supplemental magnesium internally really aggravates my guts (IBS), but I've had medical professionals recommend it to me for joint issues.

  • Sorry for the delay, RWD. Playing catch-up now! :D

    Yes, I use an external spray. There's a couple I use actually. There's the original:

    And the sports spray: I tend to use the latter as a massage oil after a run, on my calves/quads.

    But there is a whole range of them. :-)

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