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Wk6 run 3 onwards?

Morning all!

I'm doing wk6 run2 tonight which I'm reasonably confident of, then run 3 on Sat, hopefully as part of my first park run. Laura and the program have been great so far, always keeping me at or near my limit but never asking me to do something I absolutely couldn't. I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive (excited too, mind) that from Sat it's all running. No interval days to fall back on.

Did any of you have the same concerns?

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Trust the programme. It's got you this far and been building you up ready for the continuous runs. Enjoy them!


Oh yes, I think we all did! Personally I found it a bit easier, all the stopping and staring doesn't really suit me, but everyone is different. You'll be fine Laura will hold your hand...


I think a lot of people felt Laura was a sort of "security blanket" and the thought of not hearing her voice regularly spooked us! But you are ready to do these runs. Just trust the programme and take it slowly and enjoy the continuous running. Many people find them easier than the stop/start of the previous runs.


Just go with Laura , trust yourself and trust the program , as teh others have said alot prefer the continous runs at this stage :D


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