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first post!!

Hi everyone, I've been observing these forums for a while but this is the first time I'm posting :) I just ran W5R2 today and am feeling mostly very good but I'm having a bit of an issue with an injury. It started towards the end of W3- it's the muscles around my right hip/bum/lower back. I stretch them extensively before and after my run so that they don't hurt the next day when I'm walking around (although when it first happened and I didn't stretch afterwards I could barely walk the next day), but they still give me a fair bit of grief when I'm actually running. I get a twinge of pain every time I push off the ground with my right foot.

I'm scared to go see a doctor because I know they'll tell me to rest it but if I stop the C25K programme now then I know I'll never get around to starting again... Someone told me it could be to do with my trainers not being right for my stride/posture and I'm not sure I believe that but I'm going to go get some gait analysis done anyway to see if it helps.

The stretches I'm currently doing mostly involve lying down and pulling my right leg up to my chest and then across my body to the left to stretch the muscles on my right lower back/bum. Does anyone know of any other stretches that would help? Or any ideas of other ways to try to make it stop hurting? Don't want to stop the programme!

Thanks everyone :)

Annie x

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Hi Annie - I swear by the NHS Strength and Flex programme (also featuring Laura). I do it on alternate days with C25k and haven't had any real aches or pains yet (I'm just off out for W8R1).


I had similar problems with my hip/bum muscles. These stretches from the NHS website have helped me - the last one is for your bum and it really works!



Annie, it's probably better not stretching BEFORE your run as your muscles are cold and could tear easily. Do your stretching after each run and hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds.

I would also strongly suggest you get a foam roller and roll out those tight muscles and knots. I swear by mine to take away minor aches and pains.

Finally, try this stretch for your glutes and lower back. It's a pilates move so quite safe.

Well done in getting so far and good luck with the rest of the programme.


Totally agree with the princess. Stretching before exercise will only lead to grief. Pigeon pose as above is very good as well as lying down on your back and putting your ankle on the other knee those should make an upside down 4 shape. Repeat on other side. Listen though to pain and if unsure go see your doctor. Whilst aches are part of the process a sharp pain that stops you doing your usual stuff needs checked.So what if you have to rest The programme and this posse will be right here to cheer you on when you return. You know your body listen to what its telling you . Best Wishes


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