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wk7R2 first ever post


Hello everyone

I decided it was about time I stopped being voyeuristic and only reading all the posts which I have found quite inspirational. I am really enjoying the couch to 5k and cannot actually believe how far you run in 25 minutes.

Last night I did the second week 7run, does everyone find the first 4 or 5 minutes of each run an absolute killer? I must admit the first bit of my run is up a steep hill into the village and I always think "Oh God I don't think I'm going to make it"...I always do even if I'm puffing like a steam train by the time I get to the top. Usually once I settle into a rhythm I'm OK anyway last night the muscle at the back of my right thigh and into my buttock went really tight about half way through, I pushed on and when I got home I did lots of stretching as normal but today the muscle is still quite tight especially after an hour in the car driving to work, I did a very funny walk up the stairs and to my desk LOL, has anyone got any tips for helping this not to happen?

I keep stretching as often as possible (when no one's looking so they don't think I'm weird......who am I trying to kid they already know I'm weird!!)

By the way I am female my user name was a bit of an accident.....whoops!

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Brilliant name!! And you are doing really well...It takes a while for all the muscles to get used to doing things they haven't before, and you are doing the right thing by stretching. there are also the strength and flex podcasts that are supposed to be very good to help your body get stronger and prevent injuries ( I haven't done them but I should!!!)...Good luck :)

shaver142Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

thanks Juicyju, I will have to take a look at those podcasts, I need all the help I can get!

Just about to run W7R2 myself(after doing W1R2 with the wife) and I find the first minutes the hardest til I find my rhythm. To try and reduce the chances of knotting muscles and stiffness I warm up and do a few stretches before I go out and after the run. I dont think stretching them often is helping, if your muscle has torn a little more than whats expected it needs rest to heal.

Made me laugh after mentioning your gender and seeing your name :D

shaver142Graduate in reply to Lost_property

I know what a dork eh, soon as I clicked and saw what I'd done I thought "Oh no that sounds a bit iffy!" anyway I won't run again til Saturday and will try more stretching before the run this time. Cheers


You have to run "smarter" -- never start a run, any run- UPHILL!!!!!!! :)

Invest in a foam roller and roll the knots out of that tight muscle - it's worth the investment.

It took me forever to get over that first 5 min barrier, but eventiually you will get there, so stick with it!


welcome to out forum.... absolutely LOVE your TAGS to that post


best ever!!

ps OK so I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to TAGS...

oh and congratulations on the post and the feat of getting to 25 mins ( and possibly up the hill.. I choose flat runs myself, but I'm a coward)

pps Yes I find the first 5 - 10 minutes ( it varies) hardest until you seem to suddenly be able to breathe... but i think that seems fairly common..


Welcome! Yes, the first km is the worst even now. I always feel much better even after 50 mins than during the first 10!

Well done do far - keep up the good work!


thanks everyone for your lovely replies, those tags look like I'm on the wrong website...good greif!!

Once I'm up the hill the rest of the run is on the level round the village which is great, unfortunately the 5 minute cool down walk is also up a steep hill back to my house.


dont KNOCK the 'TAG monster'!! it just picks ( seemingly random) words from every post..

well it seems you have to face the hill whether you want to or no..

( only other option would be to drive to somewhere flatter first)

but you seem to be coping with hills ok to have got thus far.. ( and probably end up speedier than all of us as a result!)


Welcome, and nice to meet you!

Well done for getting to this stage, not long now to 30 minutes!

Could the bit uphill be part of the warm-up?

I know how you feel about the going back home... I live on top of a hill, it's uphill anytime I come back!

shaver142Graduate in reply to Pigivi

Thanks Pigivi, mmm I've tried to work out how I can do that but the five minute warm up takes me down the field at the back of our place to the bottom of the hill into the village, which once I get up there has a lovely flat sports field and then the tracks round the village itself are all pretty flat, then I run back down the hill and do my cool down 5 minute walk back up the field, it is murder for the first five minutes and then I start to relax and enjoy it, not sure what I'm going to do in the winter as I have to run in the evenings (except for weekends), might have to join a gym to use the treadmill......eeeewwww nasty!! I hate gyms!!

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