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What Week to Try a 5k Park Run

I have been on Cloud 9 since completed Week 5 run 3 on Saturday just gone (20min solid run). I have never run that far before. Being overweight and a dicky knee has put me back a few times but I finially managed it. Normally I run at the gym to avoid my knee playing up. Kinda figured it will get some strength as my weight decreases. Just wondered if and what week people have ever attempted a 5k park run? We have one locally and I keep being tempted but dont want to look a fool!

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Parkrun is fantastic in my opinion. I did my first one for my W9 R3 graduation run ( I had to walk a bit but 23 park runs later and I still have to walk bit on that one). You can attempt one whenever you want, you absolutely don't have to run all the way round, and if the one near you is a two or three lapper you only need to do one or two laps, whatever you can manage, although you won't get a time if you dip out before the end. Have a look at the results page for your local park run and see the range of times that people finish in and see whether you think they are do-able for you. If you want to see what it's like before you run why not register and volunteer to start with, barcode scanning and cheerleading is fun..... !! ..whatever happens you won't look a fool at park run, give it a go !


Given that you've just run for 20 minutes non stop, you can easily run/walk 5 km whenever you want to. Just take it easy and don't over-exert yourself. Henpen's advice is great, so if you feel like it, why not simply give it a go and see how it goes, so to speak.


My experience was that w6 was tough. In fact it was the toughest week of the program for me. I would see how you get on with the next set of runs before committing yourself to anything - there is nothing worse than pushing yourself too far and not succeeding. It is so demoralising.

That being said, you will be able to complete the parkrun right now by run/walk combo - just realise that it will be a slower than most on the run. If you accept that and don't get demoralised by it you will be fine.

Well done on the progress - you are well and truly over the hump!


Thanks for your replies - I am thinking the same as Christop - I will get week 6 out of the way and give the park run a try next week but keep in mind it will take a little walk here and there as there are some hill sections.


Well i tried my first park run after week 6. I did 2 full laps before i walked a little bit. There is a steep incline so it caught me out by lap 3 and kept wiping me out. But i managed to finish the full 4 laps in 38 minutes. I wasnt last so that was a bonus and just taking part in the atmosphere was amazing. I am now on week 9 and going to attempt the park run again as my graduation run. Fingers crossed i am aiming to do 3 laps non stop to feel i have progressed.


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