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I did a new route today - and got caught short!

I ventured away from the canal today. The kids were having a riding lesson so I took the mad Lurcher up to the pine woods near the stables. Miles of pathways running through woods full of pine trees (hence "the pine woods).

It was great to run with the dog - no fear of one of us ending up in the canal (though she found the deepest, blackest puddles to roll in). I actually met two people I know - neither of whom sniggered at my sausage legs.

I have walked these paths many times with the dog but it wasn't til today I realised how uphill and downhill some of the paths are. For the first 3 runs everything seemed timed against me and I ran the ups and walked the downs but kept in mind it would be in my favour on the reverse journey. I don't know how I did it but every run on the way back was also on the uphill stretches! But I did it.

After my last run I had to stop for a wee. I went slightly off the path but as I was on a really long stretch with not a soul in sight I thought I'd be fine so didn't go too far back from the path. I forgot how fast cyclists can cycle - all 6 of them who merrily shouted morning to me as they sped past!!!!!

But I really enjoyed running with the dog so will be heading up there on a regular basis. And I shall make sure I go to the loo before I set off next time.

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Tee hee! Even if you "go" before you set off you can still find yourself dying for a pee. thankfully you had somewhere convenient. It's not always the case though so take care.

sounds like an idyllic place for a run. Bet the dog had a great workout too


As a cyclist, I apologise on all our behalf's. We can fair-nip-along, and we can (and do) catch people unaware. OPPS!!

Sounds a great run, and with the dog too! Why do they find dirty water SOOOO attractive?


Haha, just watch out for nettles when you're squatting down xx


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