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Week5r3 - tick...thanks Jeremy Kyle?

Well that's it, just gone and done it and feel so chuffed with myself. But how did it go?

Got up normal time, hang on...slight niggle in right ankle..never mind can walk that off. Oh dear, it's pouring outside, no it's SLEET...I forgot I'm doing this in the gym. Drat, the bin wagon has arrived and blocked my car in the car park....wait a minute I usually walk to the gym. Better just get on with it. Off we go.

Gym nice and quiet, plenty of treadmills to choose from. Let's try and keep this as normal as possible. Fill water bottle, get on machine, hit the green start button, hit play on iPod. OOOH the soothing and comforting tones of Laura. "keep it steady, don't panic, you're doing great, you done all the preparation". The tv screen next to me keeps repeating clips of the female black marathon runner CRAWLING over the line. Surely if she can do that I can manage a piddling 20 minutes? Or can I?

25 minutes later the voice in my ear is saying, 'that's it, you've done it. Don't forget your 5 minutes warm down walk. I'VE DONE IT.....must tell someone. Every passing stranger in the gym is the recipient of my good news. Blank stares from some of them, warm smiles from others. C25K? Come on Week 6!!!!!

Oh, by the way 'misswobble'. I'll be 64 in a couple of months, though sometimes in my head I have to keep reminding myself. When I started out on this journey first week in January I was at 102.6kg, now at 96.4. Follow the programme, exercise in between run days and eat healthy. Still need some more kg off, but getting there. Use the NHS BMI app, keeps me focused.

ps. where does Jeremy Kyle come into it I hear you ask. Well......

when I chose my treadmill I picked one in front of a tv screen with his show on. If anything would give me inspiration to run for 20 minutes................pity he was still there at the end. Sorry Jezza.

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He would have me shouting at the telly, and throwing things. What a crock of old poo that is. Bah!

64! Ah a mere spring chicken. Lots on here will give you years on top of that. Not me obviously because I am a girl (oooh I felt a funny sensation in my nose just then!)

Your weight will drop off if you keep running, eating healthily, cut the boozing, and generally keep moving.

Please take your running outside as it's where it's at. It's just so brill - rain or shine, snow or blow

Have fun and keep up the good work


He's one of the reasons I go to the gym early. Pity I couldn't run FROM the telly.

I tell you I didn't feel like a spring chicken this morning, but I do now. Strange about that nose thing, I get it sometimes too.

Tried a brief run round the local park, but became distracted doing some bird-watching (feathered kind). All the new winter arrivals had me wanting to go back to car and get my camera. I will get out there ...soon. Promise


Well Done. What an inspiration. I do Week 5 run 3 tonight. I run outdoors as I find the distractions a good thing. Can't wait to tick it off :)


That made me laugh ! You did it ! And with no real problems either, you see you were well prepared. Great weight loss too. Well done.


Lovely description of this infamous run. And really well done. Just be careful of week 6 as it can take people unawares after the euphoria of w5r3.


That's famtastic Pudsey although I think I would run a mile from a TV screen showing Jeremy Kyle!


I actually ran 3.65km but still couldn't get away from him. The idea was the sooner I finished the sooner I could change treadmills, to one with music channel.


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