Wk5 Run3 - Done!

Said I'd let you know - and I did it!! Went out a bit earlier than normal as it was praying on my mind, starting was ok, had to talk myself out of cheating at the 7 or 8 minute mark and by the time I'd done 15mins, I knew I could do it! Can't describe how good it feels, from counting down the seconds left to run during week 1, to running 20mins non-stop four weeks later! Almost looking forward to next week...

7 Replies

  • Well done. Have a rest and then it's on with the program. Keep slow and steady!

  • Yay ! You CAN do it...now you can believe you will complete the programme. Good for you !

  • It's a great feeling!Keep at it and you will even better at the end of week 9!

  • well done. :) . I am doing mine tonight.

  • Well done, you are making great progress

  • Brilliant, well done, I bet you will be smiling for ages over that one x :-)

  • that is AMAZING. from the point of view of somebody who just finished w1, I can't imaging running for 20 mins (even 10 mins) non-stop! COngratulations!

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