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Run of 40 min non stop Week 8run 3

Run of 40 min non stop  Week 8run 3


Today for the third consecutive day I have ran for 40 + minute to cover 5 k +

Wellnow I guess I am eligible for the graduation badge but I guess I would still go for the week 9 all three run ibefore I claim it

Today's run was great

I was not very tired and felt that stamina more

Tomorrow is a break

So now next post will be of week 9 run 1

By then

Keep going

Keep running

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I have noted you said claiming your badge next week. That is great. Happy graduation run.


Thank u


Wow you are doing great things! Are you taking any rest days? You have really stepped up your distance so please do be careful not to overdo it and end up hurting yourself. That injury couch is very crowded at the moment!


Sure tomorrow is break

As soon as I complete this graduation run I am going to start my training for HALF MARATHON


Wow! You're doing really well :) Don't forget that to get your graduation badge you don't necessarily have to run 5k as long as you run for 30 mins. But if you're enjoying the 5k go for it but as Ullyrunner says careful how much you increase your distance by as that can be a sure way to injury, although it sounds like you're managing fine. Hope your wife is still running too?

That's a fine goal you have for after graduation too :)


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