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40 mins non stop Week 8 run 2

40 mins non stop Week 8 run 2

Hey hi guys

Well after a great surprise yesterday to myself of running for 40 minutes non stop today I repeat it again to check that was it in continues mode or was just a flick

Also decided to complete the training days as it should be. I will be running for 4 runs that is 1 of wek 8 and rest 3 of week 9 before I can claim the graduation badge

Now about today's run was good again

I was suppose to start the run at 6.00am but didn't woke up .. My alarm bell was struggling but all efforts in vain for her. At last at 6.45 am managed to get out of the bed and was having all the reasons to go back to sleep.

To my surprise I was soon enough standing out of my house dressed and ready to move.

The run was good enjoyed it

I always ask myself two questions

I don't know if it normal or what

When I start it I ask-" why I am doing this -- why )

When I complete I ask myself -" when can I do it again "


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Wow you're doing great! Don't forget rest days though so you don't tire to quickly :)


Good one, Virani. This certainly does seem to come naturally to you. Some of us have to work more at it. You are very lucky. Enjoy it.


Hey Virani,

Well done on your 40 minutes run. You must be fit if you can achieve it before the end of the program.

The rule is you can claim your graduate badge after you have run 3 times 30 minutes... or 3 times 5k, whichever comes first. So I guess you could be claiming it before the end of week 9.

But you should not be running everyday so early in your training. Your body needs time to repair tiny tears in your muscles hence the reason to have a day rest between your runs. Better take the rest a day than getting some injury!

Happy running.


Ha ha you sound like me - why am i doing this?... I want to do it again! Runners are crazy I think! You're doing really really well, fantastic progress, but as the others have said rest days are really necessary, you can read many stories here of people who got injured by doing to much. You have the rest of your life to run, keep yourself safe!


Those two questions are pretty standard. Well done - just 4 runs to go - followed by many more!


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