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Compression leggings or not?


Does anyone have any good things to say about compression leggings, if they make any difference to your recovery and what type/brand to recommend? I'm in 2 minds about treating myself to some but a little wary.

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Compression leggings (and tops) certainly keep you warm, as a base layer, but I have no idea whether they improve recovery. I have Crane (Aldi) short sleeved top and short leggings, which I wear only when it is really cold and I will certainly buy another set and possibly long leggings, next time they have them for sale.

norabzilGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I will have a look out for them when they come in, I have often seen them but never brought them. Now I am even more tempted 😊

I got compression socks to help with shin pain and whether they help or not, the pain has gone. It might be nothing to do with it, but I've started now so......!

norabzilGraduate in reply to Northernspirit

I have a pair of compression calf selves that I wear when skating and they stopped my shin splints immediately so if psychological then they were still worth the money!

I have 2 pairs and wear them for warmth. Not sure if they help with recovery but warm muscles are good

norabzilGraduate in reply to GettingFitter

Agreed warm muscles are a good thing, thanks for your reply


I have a pair of triathlon leggings in dayglo pink and acid lemon I plan to wear on a future charity run, they are really supportive but make me look like Daffyd the only gay in the Village, on cold days I wear them under my ron hills

norabzilGraduate in reply to Jason666

They sound lovely right up my street! What brand are they?


I have an Aldi compression top, long sleeves, and it's fab! However, it's hot!!!!! I wore it last week for a night run and I was literally boiling. So, I'd say it's cold weather gear. Very cold weather!


I have a short sleeved Aldi top, which is great but the lower part of my arms get cold doh!


Looks like I need to keep an eye on Aldi then.


Don't know the make, a very early lycra item nearly 30 years old, just have so many memorys with them I can't chuck them

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