I don't really know if this is the right place to write this sort of thing - but I just wanted to get off my chest how much I ENJOY the podcast! I have just finished my Wk2R2 today, and I feel like a new person. I never used to do any strenuous exercise if I could help it - then in November last year I just decided to change. I started with some cycling but wanted a more rigid program, and I can't really believe I have done this much.

I don't want to come off as big headed and I know I've a long way to go yet, but from small acors might oak trees grow, right?!


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  • I CAN believe you have done it. What's more I know you can complete it.

    I think it is amazing how good exercise can make you feel.

  • You've made the decision to take positive action and planted your acorn. I am sure that before long we will hear that you are a 5k plus oak tree !!

  • Well done - you've taken the hardest step which is getting started. You can do this!

  • Thanks for the responses and support! Really glad to have found this community of people who are experiencing the same things.

  • This programme is absolutely amazing - and this forum is the thing that keeps you going when the going gets tougher Do exactly what Laura tells you to and you'll go on improving from week to week - and be amazed at your rapid and staggering (not literally) progress. Keep posting and good luck.

  • Its great - the good thing about this programme is it works. One day you might find out your entering races, buying running gear, secretly buying running gear, reading about running and saying things like "i can't have that glass of wine because i have a run in the morning".

    Good luck and keep us updated with your progress :)

  • It's a really good programme. I took the decision to do it based on hearing about it from others. I thought it can't really work that successfully, but it does. Late 50s female, a bit heavier than I should be, not run for 20+ years, I thought I would struggle, thought I might need to repeat weeks. I started on January 2nd and have stuck to the plan. I make it easy for myself by planning my routes so I avoid head on wind. I organise a few treats to celebrate milestones. I complete W7 tomorrow and have had barely a hickup. The waist is smaller, the BP better, I feel better and am sleeping better. It's given me energy to step up activity in other areas (swimming etc). It truly is a life changer, and if I can do it, I am sure you can!

  • Big headed? Big headed? No! That feeling? That euphoria? That "I just went out there and did something incredible" feeling? That's how its supposed to be!

    Much, much more of that to come.

    Lucky you.

  • Aw bless ya, Youre not being big headed at all xxx

    You have started something that is truly amazing and a life changer, so a massive big up to you :-)

    You are in the right place, you can post on here whenever you want to and its the perfect place to be . Lots of motivation, advice , support and encouragement. You can even have a right good old whinge if you want to ,so dont worry about that ! :-)

    Good luck to you , Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • I totally agree with all the replies above. The feeling of euphoria when you complete every run is worth what you think as big headed. You've done great and as long as you are enjoying it you will keep going. Just listen to Laura. You will be cursing her sometimes but she gets us all through. Good luck and keep posting this is a great community and EVERYBODY is routing for you. We sympathise and encourage it's just great.

  • Thanks for the responses everyone! Just completed W3R1, can't believe I managed the 3minute bursts but I felt great afterwards :-)

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