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Next steps for snails

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Hi there all.

I have just graduated and am happy with my stamina for the moment but I would like to increase my speed (pace is currently around 10 minutes per km.)

Shub69 and I have been discussing this and I wondered if anyone else had any ideas. (Bearing in mind that I am 5 stone overweight and 55 years old LOL - maybe more 🐘 than 🐌.)

This was my plan -

* continue running - 2x or 3x per week

* aim for 2x 35 minute runs & 1x5k per week, a Parkrun if I can make it.

* gym 2x per week, some strength training plus possibly one of the runs on a treadmill

* after 2 months, start aiming to reduce my Parkrun time. Not before. Of course it *might* happen of its own accord - yesterday was only my 3rd ever 5k so it would be natural to improve a bit, even if I'm not concentrating on improvement.

I would be grateful for any ideas. I am definitely not ready for bridgeto10k!

9 Replies

I'm getting a book from the library later in the week - Jeff Galloway's 5K/10K running. It has a section in it about increasing speed for 5K races so I'll see what it says and let you know. πŸ˜‰

Hey Lil! Hope you’re enjoying post-grad life! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

I was given some sage advice by a helpful member on here, and it’s working for me, slowly but surely. The main thing is, I’m not really trying, my pace is quickening of its own accord!

I’m running three times per week. 4k, parkrun (or 5k on another day if I can’t do Saturday), and another 5k which I’m increasing each week by 0.25k. So far, pretty much every time out has been quicker without me realising.

I need structure, and this gives it to me. Like you, I don’t feel ready for B210K just yet! Too much like a 🐌 still! πŸ˜…

Have fun whatever you end up doing! πŸ˜€πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ


Try the podcasts!


Hi, I'm a week or so earlier than you, and also underwhelmed with my speed. I try to run every other day, and walk 5k on my rest days. I've done another 2 X 30 min runs and 3 X 33 min runs and find I'm already getting a bit faster. I think however you structure your plan, remember it took 9 weeks to get to this far. Don't risk injury trying too hard too quickly. Stats are only useful up to a point, feeling (and being) fitter is great regardless of the numbers. As cheekychipmunks so rightly says have fun.


Consolidation is the name of the game...Lots of different routes... 30 minute runs and some short ones too...but the way to improve speed and distance, as many of our seasoned Graduates have by getting in lovely long, slow and steady runs in. ( No that is not just me talking)..It really is.. slow, steady. building up.. throwing other things in the mix too. As I think ???? it was misswobble says.. speed needs work.. slow and steady runs..lots of them:)

Three times a week is pretty essential.... and your strength and stamina exercises which you did on the rest days or some of them, through C25K need to be upped.. many of us have a daily extras:)

The C25K + podcasts, are fun and challenging and useful... some folk try them too soon and miss the point of them.. but they are great.. Many of us still use them...on their own, or within runs... I do Speed if I am short on time..or for a quick burst at the end of a run, and use Stamina often within one of my longer Sunday Runday runs... where I am out often out running for well over an hour....

If you move to Bridge.. you don't have to embark on a plan to get to10K right away. there are folk over there, some of our most awesome runners, who can teach us so much... about speed and distance.. and the way to improve...

Also check this post out too..Loads of ideas:)


I actually found the two consolidation weeks to be really REALLY boring. I went out three time a week, ran for 30 minutes, no more, no less. Same route, same time of the day, same playlist... Booooring! But then one day, I actually thought 's0d it!' and turned right instead of left at the start of the run, and... Kind of made it up as I went along.

New route, new playlist, (I'd been a busy little bee) and I loved it! Had a great run, and I recon that's when running sank it's claws into me and I got the bug!

After consolidating, mix things up a bit. Do your route backwards if it's a loop, make a new one, make a new playlist. Change things up! Have some fun!


I completely agree with everything Oldfloss and cheekychipmunks has said. Come on over to the bridge community and play with the big kids. I’ve learnt such a lot over there.


The important thing is to mix up your run pace, doing 80% of your running at an easy conversational pace and only pushing on the other 20%. This builds stamina and strength over time and speed will naturally increase, but don't expect it to happen overnight. It is covered in the guide to post C25K running

Without being personal, shifting any excess weight would probably be the most effective route one. I honestly cannot imagine trying to run with an extra 5 stone strapped to me.


Me too! If i put on a few extra pounds now it does me in and I have to shed it fast, which is what doing at the moment.

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