Nike we run London-ladies

Nike have announced their we run series 2015, this year 21/06 in London. Catch is its for ladies only :(

If any ladies in London are interested you can sign up now if you register or they will be opening for entries soon. I thought I would share as I really really enjoyed we run santiago. I am not sure why it's women's only!! As the LATAM are mixed so maybe there is a men and women's race too??

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  • sounds fun although ladies only is a bit grim!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • I really enjoyed the nike one I think it would be good if you had a group do it. I don't know many actual runners as everyone is firmly on the couch, even though I go on and on about it :(

  • Two of us C25Kers did the Nike women's We Own the Night 10k race last May in Victoria Park in Hackney - I really enjoyed it. It was spot on - lovely flat course and the bling was gorgeous, intead of a clunky medal it was an Alex Monroe necklace (he makes beautiful jewellery, flowers, bees, feathers, botanical things) - very pretty and I still wear it. Also got a t-shirt, generous goodie bag and a free glass of prosecco afterwards. Yes, the race was women only (mostly, I spotted a surprising number of men running) but you could bring friends and family to the event village. So if this year is anything like last year I would do it again in a flash.

  • I have seen his work, I really liked a rose ring he does my surname is rose. I might have to order it has a strong recommendation, my ring got damaged and I need a replacement. What a great idea though getting a necklace. I got a medal :) :( I will definately be running the London one in 2016 it is great fun, my partner might wear a wig and join me.

  • Thanks for the heads up, have registered for updates and might enter once it opens. We'll see!

  • I really enjoyed we run santiago and stay after the race as there was a great party afterwards.

  • Is it 5 or 10K?

  • I think it's 10km. I wish I was in the UK as the one in sntiago was great fun and I think it's at night time

  • I just got the email from Nike, general entries open tomorrow. However it's not a night-time race (boo!) it's at 10am in Victoria Park on 21 June - 10k. But the good news is that men can enter too - it says so in the very small print!

  • Thank you, ladies. So the chaps don't have to wear skirts and lippy?!

  • They don't have to. But no-one's stopping them ;-)

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