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I'm going back to Laura

In my last post, I sang the praises of listening to Kraftwerk on my week 7 runs. Having found 'Autobahn' was just the right rhythm, I looked for more tracks at a similar pace. I found 'Electro-Kardiogram' - what a brilliant name for distance running! Trouble was, the track sounds like someone has a heart attack about two thirds of the way through :-( Definitely not the sort of thing you want to hear towards the end of week 7 run 3.

Hence my decision to go back to Laura. Hope she'll forgive me.

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Lol! On W8 there is the famous track called Julie - there's a weird sound in the first chorus that I thought was a pack of dogs barking and chasing me...


Are you sure you haven't been overdoing it???? I understand quiet and a darkened room are beneficial.

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Just you wait till next week.... woof woof...


You could jam together Akrikaa Baambaata's Planet Rock (big KW influences in there), Melt by Leftfield, Black Melt, Moving Dub and Safe from Harm by Massive Attack, Black Steel by Tricky, Army of Me by Bjork, Paris by Groove Armada and Enjoy the Ride by Morcheeba on your Autobahn Playlist and have a consistent 84BPM-athon with reverting to Laura's awful musical tastes.


Thanks Rignold. I'm now going to spend the next couple of hours listening to Leftfield - new to me :-)


ha ha brilliant, I love you loads babes them too...the worst I had was when I put my iPod on shuffle and at the end of the run was, 'Flowers for Rosie,' by Lennie Kravvitz. Don't know if you know it but its not one for doing a sprint finish!!!!


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