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hi all thought I'd share this, been running about 9 months started at 19 stone am now 14 stone, graduated couch to 5K. A few months ago and am training for a 10K, been stuck in a bit of a rut doing 5K every time, thinking that'll do, started using the Nike running app which is really good, anyway tried a little trick this morning and changed the KM counter to miles and it felt much easier, did 5 miles and didn't feel any more tired than 5K, just proves your mind is what holds you back

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  • OOh that's good to know! I might give that a go! Congrats on your weight loss, that's brilliant!

  • Good tip!!! Well done on weight loss. Fantastic

  • Awesome weight loss and a great tip. Well done chris :)

  • Well done on the weight loss, that's amazing! And every little tips that helps the distance feel shorter is a good tip :)

  • Great stuff Chris! Keep on running and blasting those calories.

  • Well done you, that's a terrific weight loss! Mind over matter definitely rings a bell, 5 miles and you did it. Let us all know when you reach the 10k, you should be oh so proud of yourself right now.

  • That's really interesting, I will remember that tip when I get as far as you. Thanks and good luck with 10k, or 10 miles ??!! :)

  • Hi Chris. I've been more or less where you were and are. Your head is indeed what holds you back. Last weekend I did a 10k race in just over 1 hour which would have been unthinkable 18months ago. Find a goal, make a plan and go for it. Nothing is impossible and whatever you want from this programme and from life in general is achievable.

    Make it happen.

  • That's a great tip. And you're right - it is so much a mental thing. Fab job on the weight loss Chris!

  • Conversely, a long time ago I changed mine from miles to km so that it would bleep at me more often - every km rather than every mile! As you rightly say, whatever you can do to get your head in the right place is worth doing.

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