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Do treadmills measure in miles or KM's?


I run on a treadmill, did all of c25k on it and have run on it 2-3 times a week. Have been really disheartened as I assumed treadmills measure in KM's so it takes me 45 mins to run 5K...however looking on running forums people seem to say treadmills are universal and measure in miles...I'd feel a lot better if this is the case! I run between 6.8-7 so I don't feel like I'm really slow....

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The ones in my local authority gym are in kilometers as are the ones in the community centre gym.


Sorry, mine at home is in km as are the ones at the gym. It takes a lot of people that long to run 5k. Don't be disheartened, I'm sure you are getting faster.

If you're running at 6.8 - 7, I assume that's km per hour, so your distance is km as 5km in 45 minutes sounds about right. If you're managing to run at 6.8 - 7 miles per hour that's actually quite fast and you'd run 5km in significantly less than half an hour.

Why not have a go outside and see how far you actually run in half an hour? (If you don't have any way of tracking your run, just measure it afterwards on a map or google earth or something.)

Your stamina is really good now if you can run for 45 minutes, so be positive about that, and maybe try some of the c25k+ podcasts if you want to work on your speed.


My treadmill does record in km as well. Keep building your time and speed up and you will see improvement....


Running outside eats up the miles seemingly far quicker than on a treadmill. I think you get a better workout in the real world too

I asked in the gym this morning if the treadmills were in km or miles and was horrified to find they are km. That means I've not been running as fast or far as I thought. Still dripping in sweat, though. I'll be running 45 minutes next time I'm there.Think we're in this together.

I was wondering the same, I run at 8.5 and ran for 2mins and the treadmill read 2.5.

That's 25 mins ha ha

Hi, I run between 8 and 9.5, and I did 5(km or miles) it in 35min, but i still don’t know what the metric is


Most treadmills that I’ve come across varied widely in their accuracy. You really can’t beat getting out in the fresh air and watching the scenery whizz by.

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