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Jogging in NZ and San Francisco

Since leaving home, I have managed to get in two runs - an early morning 10K round trip to a local beach in Auckland and a 5K along the waterfront i SFO. I am not surehow an attempt to run a parkrun here in SFO tomorrow morning because they have been forecasting rain of Biblical proportions here but it has not yet arrived.

It was really pleasant to be able to do these two slow jogs - who would have thought them possible only 12 months ago - I told friends that I was "Just" going down to Eastern beach and back 😂. Their stunned faces said it all. The run in SFO was interesting - a LOT of runners along the Embarkadero _ all ages and sizes! Just on sunrise - but lots of people/cars on their way to work. The smell of fresh coffee inside the Ferry Building was almost overwhelming.

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That all sounds very acceptable! I hope you do get to do your park run tomorrow, because you will no doubt become a celebrity!


Oh I am all nostalgic for San Fran! How lovely to be there. Good luck with the parkrun, hope the rain holds off for long enough.


Hi Baz Sounds like fun! I see you're impressing with your run prowess. Way to go!!!!

Mmmmm I could just use a decent cuppa coffee having not quite thawed out from my chilly run

Enjoy the rest of your hols


Sounds fab Bazza. Hope the rain holds off long enough for you to try the San Fran Parkrun.


Sounds gorgeous Bazza. Lucky you.


Or flippers rather than trainers.

Sounds like a great holiday with running, lovely way to see the city. You could do some epic hill runs. Hope the rain stays away!

Have a great time


Sounds great Bazza !

Happy Holidays and I hope the rain holds off for you :-) xxx


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