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W7R2 - not as joyous as w6r3 - but at least it’s not the gym!!


North of Barcelona in the heat - hard, but not impossible...

However - I also had an entertaining ‘near death’ experience....running through a cloud of big flies on the way, only to realise they were bees on the way back 🙀🙀🙀 a huge swarm had formed on a fence in the 20 mins between directions..... scary - I have no idea why they didn’t sting as I ran through them!!

So - the boat is home till Monday as we head down the Spanish coast...no running for me till then, but hopefully I will get some internet occasionally to see how you are all doing!

Have a great weekend!

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Ooo. I am jealous (not of the bees). Enjoy the boat trip!


Wow... a run with a sting in the tail... Well done you...lovely pikkies..enjoy the rest of your holiday!!


Well done! Maybe you ran through them so fast they didn’t have time to sting you 😊 🐝


That looks lovely! Are you on the boat in the picture? Are you making stops as you go along?

Well done on the run. If I’d seen those bees I would have stopped and taken the buzz 😂😜😬


Can't you run around the deck? :-)

Katwpg in reply to sallenson

If you had seen the deck at 4am - you would know why my wee apple watch thinks I am doing loads of exercise while I am mostly sitting and gazing into the distance for other loonies in boats!


Lovely run Kat, great that you're running at every opportunity.

Hope you enjoy your holiday and look forward to seeing your graduation post.

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