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wk4r2 gains so far

Loads of benefits already - what have I missed?

-amazed myself

- found these forms so supportive

- realised I'm getting into the exercise habit

- realised it's all about (for me) just doing it

- feel a buzz

- feeling generally more energetic

- convinced it's doing me good

- having the plan makes all the difference


thanks for all the ideas and discussion here

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Thanks kittykat007 and what a beautiful name you have. I'll add to the list - reports today that moderate exercise is better than no OR excessive exercise so this

is a good track to be on

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Hi CS, thats a fab post !

Its great innit ?

Really good list there, its good having some " just for me " time, when you can get out there in the fresh air and all your worries just turn into a puddle of gloop ! :-)

Keep going, you can do it, oh and keep posting !

Good Luck ! :-D xxx


He he kittykat now followed by poppypug! And yes - me time that gets my head clear of work. The list gets longer. Good one!

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Ha ha :-D xxx


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