Before and after C25K

Before and after C25K

I've been reading a few posts on here about how C25K can "change your life". I've always been hesitant to post photos up here and waited until graduation to get a photo up. I have to admit I was so darn proud of myself I couldn't resist...

Hopefully the before and after photos above will provide some inspiration to people. It's not all down to running, but by eating sensibly, exercising more (=running) and making some lifestyle changes (less pints, more water) I've been able to lose a bit over 2 stone and can easily chase after my 6 year old and 4 year old girls now...

I'm almost 42 and I've NEVER really exercised before. No school sports, no running (except away from hard work) and a love of beer and burgers...

This programme has changed my life (I'm starting B210K soon) and I really hope it can help you change yours... Happy running to all of you!

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  • I've been counting calories for a few months (less need to do that now with the increase in exercise though), cutting down on the pints and trying to be more "sensible" in choices (burgers without buns, veg instead of chips, etc.)... I still give myself a treat of a night out with all the trimmings once a month and now with all this exercise I can eat a bit more!

    The family absolutely love it... the wife and kids can't quite believe the photo above and my family in Australia think it's been a bit of a life changer... they do worry about "what's wrong with me" but of course the answer is "the only thing wrong with me now is that I'm a runner"... we are a weird bunch!

  • We are the good kind of weird though. ;-) Running is a healthy addiction to have. :-) Brilliant pics, well done. I still have a way to go (lost about 2.5 stone since I took up running) but the change has been so obvious that work colleagues are always questioning me about it. None have quite been brave enough to bite the bullet themselves yet though. :-/

  • And so you should feel proud too! That is fantastic, just goes to show what determination and effort can do. Inspirational, well done! x

  • Wow ! You look amazing :-) Well done, fantastic achievement, I suppose it just shows what is possible when you set your mind to it. Happy Running ! :-) xxx

  • You have done so well and should rightly feel proud. This should be an inspiration to prove that can we get fitter but healthier too

  • Gracious, that after photo has taken years off. That's an amazing advertisement. Well done !

  • amazing, well done you

  • Omg You look like a different person Huge congratulations Wear that graduation t shirt with pride Briliant achievement

  • That's incredible... What a difference, and you are a baby, one year younger than me :)

    Good luck on the 10k...

  • brilliant story hope I can look like you too only female of course ;)

  • Many many congratulations for an excellent achievement. Thanks for posting the pictures as they really do speak a thousand words! Onwards and upwards now and keep up the running.

  • Wow, that's amazing and indeed very inspiring. :-) I do love these 'how C25K changed my life' posts. Thanks for sharing and well done; what a difference! :-)

  • Well done you! It takes serious willpower to drop that much weight AND start running at the same time.

  • thats a real difference- well done to you, a great advert for c25k i reckon! congratulations! :)

  • You're looking great, and feeling great too by the sounds of it! Well done and congratulations. :)

  • You have every right to be proud - good for you! :-)

  • Amazing, results and inspirational post. Congratulations and best of luck with b210k.

  • Thank you to all of you for your kind words. I hope that this can help people who think "it'll never work for me"... you need determination, but it can work for you too...

    I've just entered a 10K race at the end of July so no stopping the training now! A beautiful 5K (in pretty much spot on 30 mins) this morning along the Thames... just before it got too hot! Loved every minute of it (well, the last minute a lot more than the rest to be honest)...

    B210K next week... bring it on!

  • That is fab! Well done! You are a great advertisement for the programme - thanks for posting.

  • Wow! Brilliant achievement. Really well done. You look like a different person!

  • Well done. What a difference 5K makes! I'm trying to lose weight but It's a really slow process for me! Well done and enjoy the 10K

  • I am so impressed. You are a true credit to your family.

  • What a fantastic before and after. You must be so pleased !!! Well done :)

  • Huge, huge congratulations to you. You must and should be so proud of your achievement - well done you! Hard work and determination have given you a great reward in looking like new!

    You have given me hope that I may, if I continue to follow instructions and stick to my healthy eating plan, regain the shape I was prior to giving up smoking. The weight is (ever so) slowly coming off and hopefully the bulges which are currently in full view will diminish and eventually disappear.

    You have definitely given me the strength to carry on because as your pics show, running has many, many benefits apart from the pure and total enjoyment of the running itself.

    Sure you will be just as successful in your next running goal.


  • Amazing, what a difference in the photos - very inspiring. Your success will encourage others. Thanks for sharing, it has made my day!

  • Well done, a really inspiring post. You look so much younger in the 'after' picture. Good luck with your B210K and best wishes.

  • Wow! That is something! You should be very proud! I understand the beer and burger attraction :)

  • Aha! We have found the new poster boy for C25k. The benefits just keep coming from this programme and the support of this forum. Well done.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Without the support of this forum this would have been a MUCH more challenging programme. Whenever the going got a bit tough or I got a bit worried about a twinge in the knee or wondered why I just couldn't (and still can't) silence the "five minute voice that tells me to stop" - this forum had a positive and actionable suggestion for me... And pushed me onwards!

    The combination of both finding the programme and then finding this forum really helped! I did the running bit but you lot helped pushed me along when I needed it... :)

  • Wow congratulations!! You look amazing!

    C25k has also changed my life, although I am not where I want to be just yet, I am a lot closer than I was before I found the programme. I am almost 4 stone down, a combination of running, swimming and being more aware of what Im putting into my body!

    You look very happy and proud in the 2nd picture... and so you should be! xx

  • What great photos, thank you and congratulations. So nice to see someone looking good in a C25K shirt (I look terrible in mine despite depositing an unnecessary 20 kilos of flab in the woods whilst running)

  • Amazing transformation, well done you, you deserve to feel proud of yourself.

  • Well done it's never to late to start running didn't start till I was 50, you look great and good luck on your race, come back and tell us about the buzz!

  • I can only say WOW !!! :) looking good

  • This is awesome. very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  • WOW indeed. what a transformation, well done :) if i can get to half of what you achieved i will be very happy :D

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