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Let me introduce you to my new running friend, Jacqui

I've been running this year with my new friend, Jacqui....

I'm just back from another run with thunderous grey skies and little glimpses of red, setting sun. Most beautiful. But it was Jacqui I wanted to tell you about.


Jacqui has been a perfect companion, and has kept me warm and dry whatever the weather. And she is on special offer at SD at the moment £21 which is amazing. We've run in icy conditions, dodging frozen puddles, and I've just needed a long-sleeve running top underneath.

Jacqui has all these advantages:

- A draw-string hood and I've put that up when starting out... when I'm hot I can drop the hood and so haven't run this year with a seperate hat.

- Long sleeves with long cuffs & a thumb-hole. When the temperature is 5 degrees and above I can just use these instead of a pair of gloves.

- Plenty of pockets: 2 outside zip pockets and a further third small zip pocket on the left hip (somewhere to keep house keys). There are 2 further, deep inside pockets - somewhere to stuff the gloves when I get warm.

- Jacqui is seriously well put together... she has a longer back which keeps my lower back and kidneys warm and a nicely padded, high zip to keep the cold off my neck.

- Lastly, whilst not waterproof, Jacqui has shrugged off drizzle, sleet, hail and snow so far this year.

In summary - Jacqui comes highly recommended, is well thought out and a fantastic companion. I'm not 100% sure that the picture online has the hood and cuffs, but Jacqui looks identical to the picture.

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looks a great bit of kit marky :D and exceptional value , I have been usung the xlite which has served well over this winter so far :) def worth a look for next year though ,thanks for the tip


How spooky is that!!! Exact same one I have just bought!!! I know it's a blokes but I liked it and the woman's ones are weeny!!!! I have no hood though!!! That's weird!!! I thought it was weird it has a collar with Velcro!! I may have to go back!!!!


Maybe I should call mine Jack?!


Jack is a perfect name for your new running partner!


Oh Sports Direct, what a shop that is, where would we be without it hey ?

Good choice Marky and Lou ! :-) xxx

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What a lovely post may you have many good runs together! You will have to keep her safe in summer


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