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Ah, a small problem has arisen....I can report that Sallycycle has managed two elements of her accepted challenge, and therefore can tick-off running and cycling, but she has a problem with the swimming. I was going to swim in an open water spot on Dartmoor, but when I arrived at the beautiful stretch of water it had gone....vanished....dissapeaderd....I suspect that other members of the C25K clan have taken it away in their pockets and let it fall down their trouser legs in a war film type of way....or it could be the warm weather.....whichever of these is true it meant that my cossie stayed in my bag and I had long, long walk back to the car

I now have to re-plan and re-schedule the event somewhere else...

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The sea?


Good Lord; how prepostorous! There are people there that could see me, and the world isn't ready for that!

My style of swimming is to make lots of water leave the pool whilst I move very, very slowly forwards...!


I can only imagine the look on your face! -Just when you were all psyched up, too! Poor you!


Oh yes, the look of, YES, YES, YES........I hate swimming!


Aaargh! Keep looking!


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