Beer with caffeine?

I had a sip of a friends beer the other evening, a dark Porter that tasted of coffee and chocolate. I don't normally drink beer, more of a wine drinker, but I decided a would have some of the porter last night. It made me feel really weird right from the start, like I'd been drinking coffee, which I never touch. I couldn't get to sleep either, not until 6.30AM and I had to be up at 8AM to get my car windscreen which cracked in the cold temperatures last week fixed. You can imagine I was not feeling my best this morning!

I decided to go out anyway, just for a short run. I know, I thought, I'll do my favourite 3.5K run, that'll be ok....Got to 3.5 and felt I had a bit more in the tank...I'll add on a bit and do the 5K route. Ok, loop round and go for 6K....At that point I felt like I couldn't stop - is that what runners mean when they talk about being in the zone? Right, a little bit more along the river, that's always nice! Next thing you know I've done......9K!!! I can't quite believe it...

I'm not sure what the moral of this story is......


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16 Replies

  • 9k...? Sort of by accident....? Get yourself signed up for a HM or more, it's clearly your destiny !

  • Are you sure you've been drinking beer and not rocket fuel? ;)

    I wouldn't complain if I were you. If you can get round 9K after starting off feeling rough - it must be doing something for you...

  • The coffee/chocolate flavours in a good Porter or Stout come from the burnt malts in its recipe. No added caffeine or anything like that. Can't think why your run turned out so good - but beer does have a lot of carbohydrates in it (especially in porters/stouts with their "full body") - maybe the beer you had the night before just stoked you with readily available carbos -- they say that you should eat pasta before a big race , maybe porter does the same thing??? :)

  • Not so Bazza, I Googled it, it's quite common.

  • Hmm - friends and I have been making beer from grain malt for 20 years. What search terms did you use in Google - am interested in what you have found.

  • I can't remember, something like "is there caffeine in porter" but I found several threads that said people felt the effects, one said they saved it for weekends when lack of sleep wouldn't be a problem! I definitely felt the effects, that's why I Googled it..I can't stand coffee, I feel like my thought processes have been sliced into little bits, and that's before the sleepless night...I'm sure you can make porter at home without the caffeine, just as it can be made with it.

  • Drink more beer I should think!! Well done.

  • Have to agree - drink more beer. Congratualtions.

  • So that is why they say that Guinness makes you strong!

  • Wow Curly that is super impressive! Very very well done you. What ever next? x

  • Whoa Curly ! What a fab, fab post and get you, that is amazing !

    Good on ya Curls, 9k ! Take a bow Missus ! :-D xxx

  • Your round I think! Love the tags. Must try some.

  • What an amazing accidental run! 9k feeling good sounds like the very best sort of dream! :-D

    As for the beer, I know they used to give Guiness to patients in hospital to build up their strength. Maybe we should all be drinking dark ale?

  • Yes, you used to get a pint after giving blood too! These days you get a cup of tea and a biscuit...bring back the Guinness I say!

  • Definitely! :-D

  • Whatever the reason... That was a wonderful result, curly!!! And of course the think we all need to take away is that we should drink more beer to become more athletic. I can live with that ;)

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