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I've been running 5k ish every other day for a few weeks now after graduating C25K a month or so ago. It's great to be doing something that's sustainable and easy - easy in the sense that you step outside your door and off you go as opposed to making the effort and going to a gym. I just wondered if there's any runners out there who like me, enjoy a beer or several at the weekend? The reason I ask is that I have a policy now that I try and run off the beer calories, eat reasonably healthily (I'm having a curry tonight though) but not become a martyr to it. A bit of balance shall we say. Id be interested to see if anyone else has got similar (or better) strategies for keeping fit but still enjoying themselves?

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Yup... I like one or six maybe 7, a gallon at a pinch... then one for the road 😂

This may be why my mate has really gone up to ultra running... he’s always liked a few.

Best avoided the night before a run... I’ve yet to see anyone drink a glass of water in between glasses of grog, but I heard the advice years ago.

There’s even a running club online that someone here told me about. They run 5ks to breweries. Guess training is to pubs!

There’s also the chunder mile in the UK. And the American version the beer mile... both of these are for serious nutters... so obviously I’ll be doing a few of those at some point.


Sounds good to me. One of the reasons I used to cycle was you could aim at a countryside pub and have a pint & a ploughmans to see you home again. Not so easy with running but having lost the weight a pint (or three) and the occasional takeaway is a treat because you’ve earned it. Sweets are also back to being a treat rather than a sneaky way to deprive my children of too much sugar - we can all enjoy them together and then I can drag hubby to the pub (not kicking and screaming). Guiltless pints were enjoyed throughout the summer in the local’s sunny pub garden. “A little of what you like does you good” I’ve heard somewhere 😁


About 200 calories in a pint, but can anyone go out within 5 minutes of drinking 5 pints or more and go for a run? 🤔

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to AlMorr

The above mentioned beer mile is drink a pint run a lap, and repeat for 4 laps... shockingly the world record for this is under 5 minutes. So it’s possible... but 800 calories would need 8 miles of running, so it’s not perfect!

On the fake millennium I did attempt to play basketball after a few... all was well for a good minute or so, then amazing drunkenness hit me.

AlMorrGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for that reply UNM, it's now almost 5pm. Don't leave it too late for your W5R3 20 minute run🏃🏃😊

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I’m just leaving home now lol

Well I sure wouldn't. I'll have a few tonight though and be running tomorrow - its harder though. That's the trade off.


It all depends on what you want to gain. I wanted to lower my blood pressure (which shot up courtesy of fun lovin' lifestyle), regain fitness and keep slim. In my case all sorts of compromises had to be made. Your call mate. No rules.

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