Week 5 Fear!

Hello. I'm new! Just did R1 W5. Have combined C25K with giving up smoking and alcohol, so to get this far feels amazing. However, this week, ie run 3, looks impossible. 20 mins is such a leap, and I don't think I'm breathing properly when I run so not sure I can keep going that long. Any tips? I'm already going VERY slowly!


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  • Are you worried about being out of breath or about your legs not coping? I am only on week 4 but I do the the two key things are going really slow, so your heart rate and breathing are stable, and being well warmed up / stretched.

  • Don't think about 20 minutes just now, or until you start run 3...it seems so big a hurdle but it is basically run 2 without the walk in the middle. Take it slowly, ignore the part of your brain that tells you you can't do it and add a pinch of pigheadedness...which you have in spades if you can give up smoking, booze and start running all at once ;)

    Good luck and you'll do brilliantly!

  • Thanks. The legs are fine, it's just the breathing. I'm huffing and puffing more or less straight away. Tried timing the breathing with the steps, but that seems worse. Might be overthinking it perhaps.

  • Laura is wonderful, but I never bothered with her breathing instructions. I just breath how feels natural. Whenever I take any notice of what my breathing is doing it seems to be steady moderate breathing interspersed with the occassional deep lung filling breath.

    I'm running between 9 and 10km at the moment and I still find the first 10 minutes the most difficult. For the first 5 minutes my breathing feels quite difficult. I always find I do much better if I force myself to start off much slower than I want to, and build my speed up gradually over the first 15 minutes.

  • I found that whenever I tried to control my breathing, or breathe in a certain way I too started huffing and puffing. I now 'just breathe' without trying to do anything in particular and I find it so much more comfortable and appear to get in to my own rhythm. I'm just starting week 6 having repeated wk 5 run 3 to make sure I'm comfortable. I felt the same fear at week 5 run 3 but you CAN do it. Good luck :-)

  • dito for the breathing. I just do what comes naturally :)

  • I agree with all that's been said. I did run 3 yesterday and it wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be. I breathe as and when I can. I find it impossible to breathe with my steps or with the beat in my music and I find that my breathing changes throughout my running. Like you, my legs were fine and I'm beginning to realise how much of a mental thing running is. If you can get your mind in check (and you clearly can if you've given up cigarettes and alcohol) then you'll do really well. You've prepared yourself for run 3 so you have all the tools to complete it. Good luck and let us know how you go!

  • Yep, don't worry just breathe without thinking about, like you do when you are walking or whatever. It'll come right one day, it'll just click. I used to count "breathe two, three four" until I sort of got my running and breathing to be comfy, but I would keep repeating it to myself. I know Laura might say to breathe through your nose but I don't think anyone actually does!

  • It's probably the remnants of the smoking. I still struggle with the breathing, and like you I thought 20 mins was too big a jump. But just take it slowly and you'll be fine.

  • Well done for all you've achieved so far, you're doing really well. I haven't really got much to add but just try and slow down even more if you need to. Don't fear the run, you are ready for it. Try and take your mind off of your breathing, try thinking of all sorts of other things, holidays, shopping, what you will do with money saved from no smoking and alcohol! Good luck and let us all know how you get on. x :-D

  • Thanks for all the advice - wish I was running tomorrow to give it all a go. Will look forward to Thursday...

  • I'm not looking forward to Thursday!

  • Ha ha, strangely I am. I want to get out there today! Becoming a bit obsessed I think :) Hope it's a good one for you tomorrow.

  • Thanks, you too.

  • i am pretty much the same as the others , just do what comes naturally :D you will be fine and the 20mins will be a breeze :) bottom line is you can do it :D so just go out and do it :D


  • Welcome to the board G and a massive Well done to you for showing the booze and fags the door !

    You sound as if youre made of strong stuff !

    Trust in the programme, it really works.

    I sometimes forgot to breathe when I first started, it seemed I had enough to cope with listening to the podcast and running and my breathing was over the place !

    All I can say is keep it slow, try to keep calm , dont panic. You will find a way that is comfortable for you, it will become second nature .

    Good Luck and keep posting of your progess. Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Don't think about it, just go very slowly, as slow as you dare, and 20 minutes will float past. Try to go too fast and it will be a challenge. Be kind to yourself and set yourself up for a slow win.

    Breathing: don't try to analyse this too much. Just get the oxygen in whichever way works best for you at the moment and if you struggle, slow right down to almost running on the spot - it's the time you are covering here, not distance.

    Look forward to reading your post-20 minute report - it feels sooooo good when you get that one done.

  • C25K AND giving up booze and fags? That's serious stuff! Don't worry about 20 mins, you'll show every one of those minutes who's boss!

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