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New speed motivator

Went for what was supposed to be a gentle 10k run today. I wanted to run the entire thing - lately I've been doing a lot of run-walk sessions lately and wanted a slow all-running one. As with most runs, I selected my 'Running music' playlist and put it on shuffle which usually gives me a nice mix of fast upbeat songs, with a few slower motivational ones thrown in. For some reason today there was no slow ones in the mix, by kilometer three I was already feeling like I was flying.

I started flagging, but the songs kept coming. Maybe it's the years I spent as a dancer, but I just can't run in discordance to the beat. So on I went.

At kilometer 8 I glanced down at my Garmin and with horror saw it start to blink as it was running out of batteries. Motivator of motivators! Pick up that pace to record this run because it's not going to happen again for awhile! Despite being dog tired I kept that pace up until the end. The slow songs never came. Garmin stayed alive to record that 10 k and a new PB with around two and a half minutes shaved off the last best run.

So folks, a Garmin low on batteries sure gets those feet moving faster. Happy running folks.

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Well done on the new PB RWD - sometimes it just all comes together!


Way to go! That sounds like a blast. Good news on the PB too. It's great when everything comes together and you have the run of your life.

I had good running tunes today but some of mine were leisurely, fortunately

You'll need a good rest after your exertions


Well done RWD. I am the complete opposite, if I try to run to a beat I run like, I imagine, a drunk giraffe would look like.

Really glad your battery had a little bit of juice at the end, it would have been a shame to not have your PB properly recorded even if the run would still have been good.


I suspect I did look like a drunken giraffe.... Just in time to the music ;)


I know what you mean about running with the beat of the music (and I'm definitely no dancer btw!) I think that was another contributing factor to my dizziness this morning - I have been listening to faster music and have upped the pace a bit!!

Amazing time though - well done!


It's good to have a couple of running playlists. I have one specifically for 5k races. It's fast and it jazzes me up. Not for everyday.


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