Starting my C25K!

Hey everyone :)

I'm a newbie here but decided to sign up after learning about C25K. I'm starting it tomorrow and can't wait. I'm sooo eager to lose some weight and get fitter! Mainly I want to lose a couple of stone and I'm no good at running so heard this is the best way!

Do any of you lovelies have any tips for a newbie?

Looking forward to getting to know some of you :)

Smirnoff x


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9 Replies

  • *couple of stones that meant to say!!

  • Hi and welcome Smirnoff :) the important part is making the decision to start and then taking those 1st steps out there :D

    This is truly a great program and can and will change your life in so many ways , just trust and believe in the program and yourself :D

    Oh and learn the mantra of running here, SLOW AND STEADY , it isn't a race ..make sure you stretch after each run and take those days rest or however long you need , there is no hard and fast rule that you have to do it in 9 weeks ..

    So go out tomorrow and start that change ,good luck and keep posting with your progress or any questions or requests for a kick up the ass if required :D

  • Hi Smirnoff - the Acton tips for newbies are:

    1. Get some decent trainers (and if you're a lady, a proper sports bra).

    2. Keep it slooooow.

    3. Trust the programme - Couch to 5k really works.

    4. Be sure to check in here every now and again, we're a friendly bunch.

    5. ENJOY IT!

  • Welcome welcome Smirnoff, you're going to love it. Just take it slowly. Don't feel bad if you need to repeat a run or even a week, lots of people do. Listen to your body and, if you feel you need to, take extra rest days. Most importantly, remember to stretch thoroughly after every run to avoid achy muscles. Read the pages on this link for everything you need to know to start running. Good luck

  • You are going to love it. Lots of people (including myself) found the first few weeks hard as you are getting used to breathing properly and your body settles in to moving more. Keep reading this forum and posting your progress. Everyone is so supportive and will be with you through the good and the bad runs. Trust us when we say it gets much easier if you stick with it. Good luck and have fun.

  • Welcome and well done for deciding to make this change! I would just say that running uses up fewer calories than you would think for the effort involved. It will certainly help any weight loss but you need to restrict your food intake too.

    Good luck!

  • I've started a good healthy eating program too... I have to say I'm not vastly overweight- my BMI is healthy but I have gained weight which is very unwanted!!

    I'll keep you posted with how I'm getting on!! :) x

  • If you feel like stopping on the running bits, just slow down but keep running, rather than stop and walk. Also, I was bad in the first couple of weeks for thinking I'm running now so I can eat that extra bit of chocolate - my running pants didn't agree lol

  • Welcome Smirnoff, I would say really take your time, it really is just a light jog. Also find a nice place to run if you can and try to enjoy just doing something for yourself and taking time away from your daily routine. Even when it is tiring think about what you are doing for your body and believe that it can cope. A lot of it is mental rather than physical. Enjoy!

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