Mens' leg coverings

Up to now I've done all my running in jeans or jogging bottoms, and I need to get something more streamlined and suitable. However I don't want to go to Lycra, which I think looks indecent on blokes, and wonderful on girls! :) Can anyone advise me? I don't think I need a wicking undergarment, just something to keep me decent. And what on earth are they called, please?


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32 Replies

  • Found these John - Ronhill Men's Trackster Evolution - they look like they might be what you mean ??

  • Get some running tights. My husband wears these and they look fine and he's not a skinny bloke. If you're a bit self conscious you could always wear some shorts over the top but to be honest I don't think anybody would care what you wore at least you're out running.:)

  • errm, no, I think shorts over running tights is a must. Don't want to be scaring horses.

  • Huh! Spoil a Gurly's fun would you?

  • ?

    Not as tight as tights...

  • Four way stretch? There's a fourth dimension to running? But they sound the bee's knees! Thanks!

  • I can vouch for those John-they're like fitted tracksuit bottoms but not figure hugging at all. You might want to try a pair on before committing, though. Mine were bought for me and they come up a tiny bit short. One cm longer and they'd be perfect.

  • Thanks Michael, they sound like what I'm looking for!

  • I wonder if they do something similar for women? I’m away from home and used an Aldi Lycra pair for the first time today, but I can’t imagine using them at home in my small town where people know me (at least not until my running is a bit more impressive). At home I use joggers but the instant knee bag is not a good look.

  • Ron Hill tracksters are streamlined but leave a bit to the imagination, or you could go for shorts and add an extra layer on your top half. On the other hand, when I run with my nearly-60-year-old dad he wears walking boots and saggy old long johns and nobody's ever recoiled in distress (though I'VE laughed at him pretty mercilessly) - I think people don't tend to bother about runners as much as we think they do.

  • Your Dad runs in BOOTS? And long johns? My word!

  • They're black long johns, so almost running tights really. He doesn't really run regularly, but came out with my sister and I (25 and 28, both run 3 times a week and I do hills and she rows competitively - we're fairly fit these days) last time we went on a family holiday and kept up like he wasn't really trying, which is 1, inspiring and 2, a bit blooming annoying!

  • How wonderful! What fun you must all have! 💕

  • Ha ha, I can see him now. LOL Dads ey! Get him some proper tights TF! His baggy long johns could accidentally get lost in the wash

    Nikes get my vote! You could then wear a vest or thin tee and put a baggier tee shirt over that which covers your front and back to cover your modesty. Or a lightweight running jacket.

  • I've got a running jacket, with reflective thingies on it, a wicking long-sleeved vest (that I've never worn!) and wear a T shirt or polo. That keeps me plenty warm! And jeans or joggers cover down to my badly worn trainers, that I was hoping to replace over Christmas. Next on the list....

    Thanks guys and gals, several acceptable suggestions there, I'll follow them up.

  • What about leggings? Not too indecent and for the men? Or shorts over tights if you are worried about indecent exposure!!! My dad has the Ronhill ones he uses for the gym, my husband borrowed them for parkrun yesterday and they are not indecent at all?

  • Erm, what's the difference between leggings and tracksters, Ju? I thought they were the same things with different names.

  • Leggings and tights are skin tight, tracksters and track pants usually are a bit roomier.

  • Thanks Henpen, I'll avoid the skintight, thanks! Too many people have cameras, and phone cameras, for comfort these days!

  • Asda (other stores are available) have just launched a range of fitness clothing, actually look very nice. They have running trousers which you can either buy in-store for the full price £10 or go online and order into the store for an introductory offer price of £5.

  • Thanks for that, Ziggy!

  • Been to Asda and bought some (well, don't know what they are!) running trousers for only £9, no I'm not modelling them for you! lol And I've ordered some Ronhills from Amazon so I'm set up, thanks everyone!

  • Ronhill Classic GT Trackster Running Pants cheap but excellent even at night /early morning -1C

  • Thanks, HP, already on order!

  • I can't even imagine running in jeans at least not very well! I personally wear running tights and they feel great! I do get a few comments from my family but I don't care If I had my way I would wear them all the time. But just get something you feel comfortable in, how about go to your local sports shop and seeing what they got, even the sportsdirect might have something and there cheap.

  • If you have a Decathlon store nearby, head into there. They have quite a few as well as changing 'rooms' (curtained area at end of the aisle) if you want to try before you buy. Not too expensive too, so perfect for deciding what suits you best.

  • I have Decathlon running tights, they are very good. Nice and toasty.

    I do wear my summer running shorts over the top, but that's mainly because the shorts have more conveniently situated pockets for SansDisc Clip+ and keys. I think that keys and MP3 player in tight fitting cloths pockets might feel annoying.

  • I started running in jogging pants, now I wear shorts even in temps of -2. I have bought the Asda trousers and have a pair of running tights (worn once with shorts - which I think looks funny but I hadn't the nerve to wear them without shorts :( ). Then again I have accumulated a vast collection of running clothes and most of them have never been worn - I usually stick to the same top and shorts and socks (washed of course).

  • Methinks you doth worry too much!! I have a simple plan. In Summer I run in shorts (commando). In Spring & Autumn I run in knee length, tight-fitting running tights (non-commando; they're a bit too tight!) and in Winter, or any time the temperature has a minus in front of it, I run in leggings. They're also tight and keep my legs toasty. Personally, I don't bother with the sporty Ron Hill types - mine came from Sainsbury's and - hot tip - they're much cheaper and fit just as well from the ladies selection.

    And once you're out there you'll find the only person taking any notice at all Go for it; ditch the jeans and go skin-tight!

  • Yeth, I duth worry too much! :) Mainly about frightening the horses! Haha!

  • I've just started running in the Aldi running tights I bought last time they had running stuff in - back in October ish.

    I had been a bit dubious about venturing out in them, but I have to say I do quite like them :)

    I'm not a small chap - 6ft 1 and currently just over 18 stone - but I wear them with a long t-shirt (short or long sleeved depending on the temp) that does enough to cover the necessaries ;)

    Don't know if I would wear them in the middle of the day, but when I go out (anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30am) it's still dark/half light so no one can really see anyway.

    One slight issue is that being the ham-fisted wazzock that I am, when pulling the drawstrings tight, I got them muddles up and ended up pulling them "backwards" and one of them ripped through the material a bit. DOH!

    Also the drawstring is a bit of an insubstantial affair. I did see some tights in Mountain Warehouse at the weekend that had a nice chunky drawstring, but couldn't decide what size I'd need.

  • Beware some of the cheaper running tights. My Primark ones went see-through after a couple of washes! Fortunately, I usually wear shorts over the top, partly for the extra pockets.

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