Couch to 5K

Ooooh Ouch!

Haven't run in AGES (on and off since August - last actual run in December I think).

For the first time in a long while, I felt in the "mood" last night so I aimed for a minimum of 1 mile - 12 minutes. PHEW! That was a challenge - my legs were like lead and very uncoordinated most of the way through. Still, I managed to push on for another few minutes, stopping after a teeny 15 minutes.

However I had very twitchy, crampy legs during the cool down walk and had to stop after about 4 minutes.

So in conclusion:

New job + driving, not walking to and from work + moving house + virus + Xmas = OH DEAR!!!!

Hopefully I can get back into the grove once we're in our new house and being able to walk to work again should help lots - fingers crossed I can kick start my 5:2 / Slimming World eating plan in Feb once it's all over. Will get back to doing my Kettlebell DVD too.

My aim - to lose at least a stone before my birthday in May - wish me luck!

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Hi! Ah, stopping is theeeeeeeeeeeee worst thing. You know that though. Walking to work is fab. I can't imagine driving to work again. I used to hate the ruddy commute.

New year, new you! Cutting down on the grub a bit while maintaining your runs will see the weight come off, no probs. Kettle belling in the lounge should see off some poundage too.

Good luck and keep up the momentum now you're on a roll!


Have only been driving to my new job since November but it's vile - I get so angry! Daft people EVERYWHERE that make a 15 minute drive such hard work. Once we've moved, I can walk to work again as the new house is less than a mile away from my new job - yippeeee!!!


Why not run to work then? :D


good luck and you have restarted and that is the main thing. sometimes other things get in the way but you will get it back to it no doubt!!


Hi Jana - we're in the same boat. My birthday in May and I want another stone off by then too, so good luck to both of us :)


Good luck to you too!


Good luck Jana - you sound pretty motivated and positive so I reckon you'll nail it.

Let us know how it goes

:) xx


Good Luck Jana, you will be back in the swing of it before you know it . I love walking to work , its a bit of much needed ME time.

Let us know how youre going on xxx


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