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Runner 5, Zombies Run..... Oh and just a fab turn out at our beginners course

I still have a broken ipad but I do have a new laptop - my old one simple refused to connect to the internet anymore and well I have tax returns to do and more importantly a garmin to sync.

So today I have done 3 runs - yes three - a combined total of 8.9 miles. Woo Hoo.

Ok so:

Run One - 'S1-M17/Information Exchange' of Zombies, Run!

I headed to Colwick Country Park to get my run in early before run 2 of the day, I was hoping for 8k but did 6, I was worried about time and wanted to make sure that someone was lurking in the carpark early to round up any early people. It was a slow run so windy and hard work, but again I ran the whole way without walking - definitely getting back into the swing of things.

I'm still ill and still coughing had this latest round of this virus since the end of November - have antibiotics now to try and help boost me up.

So Run Two - Notts Women Runners (we are now a Run England group, one step closer to becoming an affiliated club) first ever beginners session. I was totally blown away by the number that turned up - 60 women. Yes 60. Bl**dy amazing, and they all did fab. I was one of the tail runners, no one gets left behind on my watch. First off I was with a lovely lady who used to be a sprinter in her younger days and has been recovering from injury for a few years and has decided to get back to it and try running. She was struggling with her breathing but I suggested a few things and we were chatting away and she said I was an inspiration and a wealth of information. Wow, little me. Towards the end I was with a lady who had really dropped back and was struggling. We chatted and I could feel that maybe she didnt want to come back next week. She was struggling to breathe so I helped her to improve her posture and suggested really slowing down - didnt matter how slow she was going as long as it was the running motion, all stuff I learnt thanks to this brilliant programe. Next run section came up and I asked her to just try cause really she was about to give up, but she did and said she felt it was a little easier *beams with pride* then back onto walking. Last run section came up and again I asked her if she wanted to try - she did and managed a bit but then we dropped back to walking. I think she did amazing first time out and she ran just over 7 minutes, I think I convinced her to come back and asked if she wanted me to be there again as a volunteer so she would have a familiar face and would know to stick with me at the back. She had come with friends and had tried to stick with them but they were able to achieve a faster pace. I really do hope she come back next week. Oh I should point out we have two qualified run leaders leading the courses.

So erm if any of you are in Nottingham do check out Notts Women Runners on facebook - we have a page and a closed group, within the group we offer support and can arrange buddies etc.

Run Three aka am I insane - 'S1-M18/Eavesdropping' of Zombies, Run!

I hadnt actually run since last Sunday so poor Ferd hadnt had any long walks this week - Mr Mouse can only manage a short pootle to the park with him while his broken toe is still healing. So i thought just a short three miles would be ok (snort who would ever have imagined 3 miles would be just a short one) - I'd take it easy and walk when I needed to and boy did I need to, it was very windy and yesterdays yoga (first ever class) had finally caught up with my legs. But we did it, one happy spaniel and one Mouse who is definitely gonna sleep tonight.

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Shes right Spoonie! you are an inspiration! thats amazing, all 3 runs in one day, i'm VERY impressed with that, and you still with your virus. Thats a few miles further than i have done in one day, thats for sure! Sounds like you did a fab job as a volunteer, you should feel really proud of all you've achieved, maybe a new vocation as a motivational trainer eh?

bet you will sleep well, big pat for Ferd :)


Thank you. Haha motivational trainer. However I was looking at sports disability instructor training the other day, really want people to realise they could do more.

Ferd is already snoring, think it's time for me to snuggle down as well


i think you'd be great! :)

Have a good rest now! George dog is snuggled and farting! :X


Well done you, I love that you did 3 runs in a day!!!!


Thank you. I am possibly insane, but I was determined Ferd was going to have one decent walk this week, pootle to the park not quite the same as three miles and I find it less painful to run (or run walk) that distance than just simply walk.

Oh and the upside was I didn't have to change out of my running kit all day, just came home from run 3, into the shower and then on with the Jim jams :D

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Blimey Spoonie, that's seriously impressive running. Hats off to you Sweetie - 5k in this wind nearly finished me off this morning and you did 9miles!! Blimey!! Go you :)


I could never have done it all in one go and to be fair run two was obviously mostly walking :)

I really shouldn't have gone out on the last one but sometimes needs must.


I'm still impressed that you went out 3times in one day, running or walking :)


What a day! I bet you're plum tuckered out


I am knackered and it's happy happy joy joy time of the month so grounded now anyway and in pain and grumpy and tired and is it bed time yet?


that's a wonderful thing you're doing by helping out at that group. If there were more experienced runners like you ready to help, there would be far more runners. We have all read the many tales here about people who think they can't and that then give up, so we need someone like you. Well done, spoonie. Really, really well done!


The lady who set up the group and is one of our qualified run leaders actually started running two years ago using the nhs podcasts.

We had a few of us 'experienced' runners as volunteers on the day.


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